Friday, February 26, 2010

Poll Results - What is my theme song?

This has probably been my most disappointing poll. I thought it would get some laughs (and it has added a whole "American Idol audition" element to gameplay) but what do I know. Here are the results:

What should be my theme song?

People are People (depeche mode) = 0 votes
Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield) = 1 vote
Closer (Nine Inch Nails) = 1 vote
Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart) = 0 votes
Numb (Linkin Park) = 0 votes
Machine Head (Bush) = 0 votes
Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm) = 0 votes
Bleed it Out (Linkin Park) = 0 votes
One Night in Bangkok (Murray Head) = 1 votes
Headstrong (Trapt) = 0 votes

If you listen to some of the lyrics you might know why I picked some of them.

People are People
I think we should all start singing this whenever jerks online start the "nigga", "your mamma" or "fag" routine. I'm sorry those monologues are just getting old. The song fits anyway.

Jessie's Girl
No I don't have a boyfriend named Jessie. I don't have a boyfriend at all. :( But I love Rick Springfield and this is probably the only song people know of his. Besides it would be nice if someone wanted "Jessie's" girl . . . even if there isn't a Jessie.

Um . . . listen to the lyrics and then you'll know. Doin' it doggie style.

Sunglasses at Night
My eyes hurt so bad right now that I wish I was waring sunglasses at night. Actually I wish I could pop my eyeballs right out of my head, ship them off to someone to be repaired, then pop them back in when they come back. But only if the warranty hasn't expired. Besides the line "don't be afraid of the guy in shades, oh no" sums up the fear the opposing team should have of me.

There's been so much sh*t going on in my life that I have become a little bit numb about things. That might be why my flirting has been way off lately. I just can't seem to be bothered. But maybe you haven't noticed.

Machine Head
Okay the title doesn't give any clues as to why I picked this song. But I love the lyrics "Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in". A little reminder just to breathe (after a bad day at work, or glitchers in a match) is always a good idea.

Smooth Criminal
I said when I opened this poll that I liked Alien Ant Farm's version better. I liked the Michael Jackson version but I always felt it missed the mark of being a great song. AAF got it right and hit a bull's eye. And maybe I'd like to think of myself as a "smooth criminal".

Bleed it Out
I'm a huge Linkin Park fan. Oh wait, that should be HUGE fan. I feel a little naughty that their teenage/college angst music has struck a chord with me. I guess that just means I'm young at heart (or I need to grow up). And "bleed it out" is a perfect slogan for a game winning kill. The more I think about it though, it probably relates more to me always dying in a match. "I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away".

One Night in Bangkok
For MadMax maybe I should have put "One Night in bang cock". He runs around with his double cocks out and "enjoys" himself way to much playing that way. When I think about it, a year or so ago MadMax wouldn't have been willing to say "cock" around me. He wouldn't have wanted to offend my feminine ears. He was such the gentleman. But now he runs around with some double cocks . . . and sound effects. I always get a kick out of it. Partly because I know my guy friends have finally let down their macho walls and have accepted me into the fold. And partly because it's just hilarious to listen to. And Hell Weasell gets 1,000,000 kudos points from me for knowing about this song. If I ever sang on Broadway I would want to star in the musical Chess. I wouldn't get to sing this song, but I'll still have MadMad and his double cocks to picture in my head.

When I got an iTunes gift card from my manager for Christmas this was the first song I bought. If I could put a custom ringtone on my cell phone it would be the chorus for this song

"Back off, I'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong, we're headstrong"

Those words just fit me. I'm stubborn and headstrong and I like myself like that (even though it's gotten me in trouble at times).

I didn't vote in this poll because I like all of these songs. I didn't want to choose. That was your job. Unfortunately this poll was so bad you didn't want to do your job. I guess that's for the good. Now you won't have to listen to any of us sing a song badly when I get the match winning kill. That that that happens much anyway. Maybe the next poll will be better. Any suggestions of what you want to find out from people?


metallicorphan said...

i didn't vote,i just i haven't heard of any of those songs except Alien Ant Farms Smooth Criminal

Pengwenn said...

I didn't think my choices were that eclectic. What music do you listen to?

metallicorphan said...

older stuff really(Beatles,Stones,The Doors)...1990,everyone was into Rave,except me,aged 14 i bought my first Beatles albums,the red and blue albums..and now i have everything of theirs and some rare albums(a Radio DJs copy of Get Back album,that later became Let It Be)

the only bands i like of today(or near to today)are things like:

Chili Peppers(and they have been going for awhile now)

White Stripes(fuck knows,Jack W now seems to be concentrating on the Raconteurs and the lovely Meg had panic attacks on stage or something like that)

Velvet Revolver(now split up i think...i love 'Fall to Pieces')

Oasis(pretty much split up..Noel and Liam had another fight,Noel left...looking forward to his solo stuff)

oh and MIKA(Just kidding!!)

i went to see Guns N roses in 1992...and Aerosmith(i have everything of Aerosmiths) in 1997..and that's about it for concerts

it isn't that your choices were that eclectic,i just haven't been with the music scene for so long now...i certainly haven't liked anything new now for a long time,but that's due to me not putting in any effort to try and like anything new

Keiser Chiefs/Artic Monkeys/Kings of Leon seem like bands i would like...never given them a go though

last album i bought was Chinese Democracy by GnR

i use Last.FM alot,although that seems to be Beatley related all the time

i'm gonna go listen to some Doors now,as you have got me in the mood

sorry for the long post

Zak said...

Pengwenn, you can register at phonezoo and get the ring tone of that song "Head Strong" if they have it or you can make your own using their software, its free and easy. you can also do it on Itunes, but they will charge you another .99. I would do it, but I dont have that song and I dont think you would want me to send you the ring tone that I have have. " La Bamba"
ha ha ha ha. also Linkin Park is great live. I got to see them before they started filling arenas. The benefits of living in LA.

Metallicorphan, Artic Monkeys kick ass, my friend brought me a couple of their cds, they play great. She also brought me Editors. Great music.

Pengwenn said...

Well Zak, my cell phone is an old Tracfone (about 5-6 years old) that has a black and white pixilated desplay, no picture or video capabilities and no downloadable ringtone option. Otherwise I would download the tone. Yeah it sucks to be me. One of these days I'll upgrade to something more current . . . as long as it's still cheap.

Zak said...

Penggy, I believe you can upgrade to something way better at a low price of $0. Just when you decide to upgrade, go to Best Buy, they give you the rebate up front, no need to wait. I never had a cell that last more than 2 years, they usually die after their first year.