Monday, May 3, 2010

Poll Results - Favorite avatar outfit

Here's the poll results for your favorite avatar outfit of mine.

Which avatar outfit of mine was your favorite?

current one - 1 vote
school girl = 0 votes
rocker chick = 1 vote
winter warm & fuzzy = 0 votes
sports jersey = 0 votes
tavern wench = 2 votes

Yes, I know I should have figured out how to include pictures. I guess everyone can't have a picture perfect memory. Of those choices I voted for the rocker chick. Why? It's an outfit I would probably wear in real life. It was a toss up between that one and the sports jersey. I like the oversized jersey look but I think I would wear that more around the house than out and about. What inspired this poll was that Kralon gave me the code for the female outfit from Final Fantasy XIII. Can't complain about that. That was the "current one" I was wearing at the time the poll was open. I got another clothing code from That Sam Guy that I'll have to show off sometime. I wouldn't mind if other free avatar codes came my way too. There's nothing wrong with free and a girl likes to get gifts every now and then.

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