Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How about a (couple of) quickie(s)

So here's some quickies for you for your "afternoon delight".

1) Yes, I do know the difference between laying prone on the ground and bleeding out while playing Call of Duty: World at War. Sometimes when you go down a friend will get you up right away and with hell hounds charging at you you just might flinch and push the prone button before you even notice anything. Can you blame a girl for being a little skittish around the dogs?

2) My super powers have been discovered and labeled. Now I've just got to design a super power cape to wear when I activate my powers. What would those powers be? Have you ever heard me say "just one more map"? Well, it actually works. It takes superhuman strength to resist my dulcet tones when I ask someone to stick around for another map. You don't believe me? Well, we'll just have to play something tonight then won't we.

3) DAIN IS BACK! Yes, my long-lost-World-of-Warcraft brother has returned to the Xbox Live fold. How? Well, I bought another 360 when I had to send my elite back for repairs. Once my elite came back I gave him my spare 360 to borrow and play on. Now both of my brothers have one of my spare 360 consoles. Hopefully I'll never have to buy another console again. (Yeah right, like that's going to happen.)

4) I'm finally getting my games organized again. It's nice when you can find the game you want to play without too much trouble. And even nicer when you actually own that game again too. I haven't replaced all of my games but I'm slowly getting there.

5) Genghis Khan hasn't dropped off the face of the planet. That's always nice to hear.

6) Zenra hasn't dropped off the face of the planet. That's also always nice to hear too.

7) There is no number seven. Move along.

8) There are new maps coming for Modern Warfare 2. YEAH! Although I still think we can freshen things up by playing other game modes instead of Deathmatch all the time, but then again I rarely host.

Those are some quickies for you. Enjoy your day.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you tell me you were down an XBOX? You could have easily had "mine" back.


Pengwenn said...

Because 1) you were using yours to play, 2) I didn't want to miss time while mine was out, 3) I miss playing with dain, 4) once I got everything back dain would now have something to play on.

If my system breaks (it's a new replacement) I might not be buying another one so you might lose yours for awhile....or I might go back to PS games exclusively for awhile.

Pogue Moran said...

aw what a nice sis. So my new girlfriend is a gamer I found out. Shes more into pc gaming and was big into counterstrike. I might have to get the xbox under my bed with the bad optical drive fixed for her to use.

metallicorphan said...

hey Penny,are you joining the cult and playing Red Dead like the rest of us mindless Zombies?(if you have to buy one game this year,its this one)

my sister has my second xbox as well,but we both know she only uses it until i need it if i get RRoD

Pogue has a girlfriend?........nope,not got one joke...damn...wasted opportunity :(

Pengwenn said...

Yes, "Pogue with a girlfriend" is such a scary thought that it makes you speachless.

And Red Dead? meh. I don't like open sand box games. I need a little direction in my gaming life. All my friends keep talking of "posse-ing up" but I think I'll go play something else. (Except now my Modern Warfare 2 disk is broken).

And speaking of buying one game I played the demo for Civilization Revolution when it first came out and was overwhelmed. I've gone back to check it out and play it slower. I found I like it and I've been out to two different stores to buy it but nobody's got a copy. bummer.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled. Pogue's GF is inflatable.