Monday, May 3, 2010

Poll Results - Organizing my games

Here's the poll results for organizing my games:

How should I organize my games?

alphabetical (regardless of system) = 1 vote
alphabetical (by system) = 5 votes
52-card pickup = 0 votes
alphabetical (by genre) = 0 votes

The way I had things organized before I got robbed was alphabetical regardless of system. This had some ups and downs. When looking for a particular game I got easily distracted by other games. If I wanted to play a PS game I might find myself pulling out a PS2 game instead. And there was the whole alphabetical problem. How do you file all those Star Wars games. Since "Star Wars" is usually first they would all go together. But I don't think of Bounty Hunter as "Star Wars Bounty Hunter". Those games were all filed by the game title; I left the Star Wars out of it. And that was the same for the Lord of the Rings games.

Some sequels had alphabetical problems as well. Chrono Cross is a sequel (of sorts) to Chrono Trigger, but alphabetically Chrono Cross would get files first. Of those games that had the sequels close in name to the original (Abe's Exodus vs. Abe's Oddysee another example) I filed those chronologically instead of alphabetically. But that created a problem with Final Fantasy Tactics. It's not a sequel to any Final Fantasy game, and is, in fact, a different type of game entirely. where does that one go? I could have put it after Final Fantasy XII (the last one in number order that I owned) but that didn't seem right to have an original PS game after the newest PS2 games. I could have figured out when that game came out in the series and put it there but I didn't want to bother. So Final Fantasy Tactics was filed first. Of course I do have a couple of games that when I think of the title I think of it differently. Like "The Legend of Alan D'ar" I only think of as "Alan D'ar". Makes it hard to find sometimes.

What I liked about filing alphabetical regardless of system was that all games of the same story could be filed together no matter what console you played them one. That way Serious Sam I and II for the original Xbox could be filed with Serious Sam: The Next Encounter for the PS2. The two Hunter: The Reckoning games for Xbox could be filed with the abysmal one for the PS2. If I was in the mood for a particular game world I could flip to those pages (I keep all my games in a disk binder) and then decide which version I wanted to play.

This time however I'm filing them alphabetical by system. Hopefully this might encourage me to play some of my older games for the Playstation since those games are filed first. Unfortunately I'm still replacing games so my filing system isn't accurate. I leave spaces for some games but forget to for others. I guess I'll wait until I've gotten everything back before I put things in their proper place. But then I have to decide what to do with the duplicates. when I started rebuying games I didn't have a good enough system to keep track of ebay auctions bidding/won/paid for so I ended up with several duplicate games. I'll probably sell them back to Gamestop for credit to buy more but I'm really not going to get much for them. One of them will go to kai to try out (Rainbow Six: Vegas 2) and maybe we can get a match together sometime along with anyone else who wants to play.

I have picked up some new games that I didn't have before but I'll wait to list those once I'm done shopping. And I've started the process of redownloading all my Arcade games to my new hard drive. Unfortunately I've got DRM issues with some of them so I have to change the rights to my new machine. But if there's anything you guys want to play with me just send me a note or an invite. If I've got, I'm game.


metallicorphan said...

take my DVD collection(well,no don't take know what i mean)

All the Warner Bros Films are together,the Universal,the 20th century fox...when i am looking for a film,i know the studio already,so i know where abouts to look

but then all the Clint Eastwood films are together from Warner(despite names),but the Universal Clint Eastwood films are still in the Universal section

eg-Terminator 1 is in the 'MGM' section,Terminator 2 is in the 'Momentum' section and Terminator 3 is in the Columbia Tristar section (same goes for my Evil Dead collection,they are all over,but because i know the studio i can go to it straight away)

as for games,its consoles i look for,if i wanna play on my 360,i look in the 360 games..or the PS3 games if i fancy getting on the PS3

if i am deciding on what to play,then i just go through all the 360s first,then the ps3s..until i come across a game i wanna play,or feel like playing at the time

if you did it 'Alphabetically regardless of system',they would be all over the show..and as PS3/360/PS1 games are all in different cases then it would also look a mess(up down,up down)

TBH i stack them by system but still not alphabetically ...Dead Rising and Bioshock are next to each other because they both have the steel case

Final Fantasy 11 for the 360 is next to Lost Odyssey,as they are both JRPGs and Guitar Hero,2,3 and Aerosmith are together,for obvious reasons

but alphabetically pretty much doesn't count at all for the way i organize my games/DVDs

Pengwenn said...

Well, I take the game discs out of the case and put them in a binder so I can keep all my games in one place and just flip pages to see what I've got. That way I can have a PS game next to a PS2, Xbox or 360 game and it doesn't matter.

My GameCube games have to be stored elsewhere. The disks are so small that they tend to fall out of the pages. Since I don't see them as often that might be why I don't play them as often either.

Since all my disk were in one (okay 2 since my big case was full) easy to walk off with cd case with very little effort the robbers walked off with a lot of games at once. I'm hoping it made it harder to sell back since they didn't get any cases for them.

metallicorphan said...

oh,well if you haven't got the cases,then it that way

what do you do with the covers?

Pengwenn said...

covers in the cases . . . cases in boxes . . . boxes stores all over the house. :(

metallicorphan said...

throw them all away,or better yet,cut of the cover so it can slip down the same pocket as the disc in your games wallet/binder thing...and that way you wont be able to ever trade them off,like i am always tempted(and give in) to do

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