Monday, September 20, 2010

I accomplished a lot this weekend

With having a full time job during the week sometimes big tasks get pushed to the weekend when I can spend more time on them. You know, like pulling weeds, chopping grass, beating a boss to get the tuna inside him, driving a vehicle up a snow covered mountain to Peak 15. You know, the usual.

This weekend I accomplished a lot. No, I didn't pull weeds or chop grass, but I did get that pesky tuna and made it to the top of Peak 15. Better still was that by finally being able to do those two things I got myself unstuck in a couple of games.

My tuna problem was in Death Spank. It's a new arcade game that several of my friends recommended and I'm glad they did. One of the missions is for a lazy fisherman who wants you to beat a mini-boss and cut the tuna out of his stomach. I couldn't ever seem to beat the boss. If I took a lot of damage and had to run away to heal when I would get back the boss would be back to full strength. That's when I went online and figured out what to do.

Apparently there are turnips of something that the boss will eat to restore his health if he's left alone for too long. Destroy the turnips . . . destroy the boss. I made one attempt many weeks ago to do just that but failed. I tired to destroy the turnips too close to the boss and we engaged in combat before I could finish. He beat me. I died. Game over. Moving on. This time I made sure to only go after the turnips while the boss was somewhere else. It worked and in no time at all I beat him, had the tuna in my inventory and was heading back to the lazy fisherman. My reward? He instantly healed me. Unfortunately I had used up some items to heal myself before I got back there. All for nothing. Except that now I'm no longer stuck in that game.

The other game I got unstuck in this weekend (I have many more I need to work on) was Mass Effect. I've seen a couple of my friends playing the first and second one and I thought I'd give it another try. I was at the point in the story when you first get a chance to drive a vehicle. You have to make it up to the top of Peak 15 to find out what's going on and to look for someone. No matter how many times I tried I kept dying at the first tunnel. That's when I put the game away and got some advice from friends.

One person advised to stay in the car the whole time. Another advised to get out and fight when I saw people. He figured a three member party would have better control and firepower to go after individual attackers instead of using just the vehicle. On my first play through yesterday I stayed in the car . . . and discovered I could repair some of the damage the car took. Yeah! On that attempt I made it through the tunnel but then promptly died on the other side.

On my next attempt I drove up to the people, got out of the car and tried to attach, using the car as coverage. Unfortunately the enemy kept shooting at the car, so even though I wasn't in it, it was still taking damage. After clearing out all the enemies in the front of the tunnel I drove in. I died before I could make it to the other end.

The next time I left the vehicle around a corner and walked up to the enemy. I cleared out the whole tunnel and then hoofed it back to the car. There were only a few shields I had to take out to get through the tunnel but it was so much easier. Once I got to the end of the tunnel I got out and repeated the process. After a couple more times there were only turrets to deal with and those I could take out with the rockets (which I had just learned I had). After I got all the way up to the top I couldn't believe how easy it was to do so. It made me wonder why I hadn't thought about that tactic. I guess that's why I'll never make a good general.

Now, some would say that my weekend wasn't very productive at all. Especially my mother. I still have weeds and grass in my backyard that need to be taken care of. But for me I think it was a very productive weekend after all. Because I'm unstuck in Mass Effect I can now play through to the end, start the sequel AND talk to my friends about the game without avoiding spoilers. With Death Spank I can now go back to enjoying a game that was driving me nuts. I loved the humor but when you can't get past what seems a simple task even that humor turns sour in your ears.

Maybe I should spend every weekend working on the games that I'm stuck in. I have enough that I could probably go a whole year without duplication. And if the weeds and grass get high enough I can always call a landscaper. That way the yard looks nice and I don't have to miss any game time. Sounds like a plan to me. Does anyone know a cheap, but good, landscaper?


Zenra Nukenin said...

I tilled my yard so that there's no more grass or weeds. :D

As for Mako combat in Mass Effect... It's helpful to know that the enemy always aims for the nose, so as long as you keep the front end behind cover, you can peek the turrent out and let 'em have it without fear. Also, I hope that you're zooming in with the left trigger (iirc). I don't know what you've actually done, but I suspect that you've got a lot more combat in the Mako coming your way. Good luck!

Pengwenn said...

I've visited a couple more non-essential planets and I'm getting better at driving around and firing too.

I would like to get in some player matches with you on Gin Rummy. I finally got 5 wins in each single player game so now I just need 25 player wins for that achievement. I doubt I'll ever get the "finish a 4 player match on Xbox Live" achievement. Nobody ever plays online.

Helll Weasell said...

I barely played at all this week-end. This week really isn't looking good either. Not happy about that. I just started playing Halo and already Dead Rising 2 will be out in a week.

Quick Mass Effect man-to-man combat tip: When your weapon overheats, don't sit there and wait for it to cool. Quickly switch weapons and stay on the offensive. When that one overheats, switch back. Took me a little while to figure that one out. It sucks when you're sitting there w/o a weapon and the enemy is still pounding on you.

I'm jealous of the "scholar" achievement. I tried to get that one. I thought I spoke to everyone I could but I seem to have missed something somewhere.

If you want the "paramour" achievement, just keep talking to the object of your affection every chance you get. Close to the end of the game, you'll get your chance.

Just another game that I'd love tohave a 2nd playthrough of. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finishing other games on the 1st playthrough. I'm tellin' ya, there's just not enough time in the day.

Big sigh...

Pengwenn said...

I'm with ya Weasell. And one thing I didn't say in my post was that I blushed a little while flirting . . . I mean talking with Karadin(? human male). I guess I need more practice so I'm not caught up with the giggles when a good looking man tries to compliment me. That's one thing I won't get stuck on. :)

Zenra Nukenin said...

I'd be glad to help you with Gin Rummy. The only problem would be finding time. :(
That, and you have to actually WIN! ;D

I actually played through Mass Effect four times. Mass Effect 2... Only once, with no real desire to do it again outside of Gamerscore.
To be fair though, I played Mass Effect the fourth time because my console (and my three previous saves) had been stolen and I wanted a play-through to import into Mass Effect 2.

Pengwenn said...

Oh, you think you can beat me in Gin Rummy old man? We'll see about that. You name the time and the place and I'll be there.

(am I really talking smack about Gin Rummy?)