Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poll Results - Are you getting Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is the big game to get right now. I also think it's the harbinger of the holiday season of new game releases. I know, I've already got several games on pre-order. But Halo: Reach is out now and I wanted to know if you were going to get it. At least for the three people who voted in this poll besides me.

Are you getting Halo: Reach?

Yes, on release date = 1 votes
Yes, eventually = 2 votes
Maybe, if all my friends get it first = 0 votes
NO! = 1 vote

Okay, lets get into the voting. And I promise no "Reach around" jokes. I already used up my allotment of one.

I voted "Yes, eventually". Because I put three games on pre-order a while ago that will be released in October I thought I'd wait to get this game for several reasons. 1) I haven't even finished the first Halo game, 2) outside of a few die hard fanboys I don't have too many people on my friends list that would like to play this game 3) I haven't even put in my pre-orders on the games that come out in November or December yet and I'm not made of money.

I will get this game eventually because I have all the other Halo games (with the exception of Halo Wars). If I didn't get this game it would be like buying a chess set one piece at a time but then not buying the pawns. Sure, you might throw them away willy-nilly in a chess game thinking they're worthless, but you're not going to win without them. If Halo: Reach helps to tell the full story of that game world I'm all for it. But until I play (or finish) more of those other Halo games the game is pretty much worthless to me. I think I'll wait until either 1) the price comes down, 2) there are no other games out there I want to have more, or 3) I win the lottery and have oodles of money to spend on things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of life. Like Halo games.

I don't have a problem with the gameplay, environments, or story in a Halo game. It's when I go online and play with teabagging idiots that annoys me. For some of my friends it's the "Halo jump" that annoys them. Either way, the game is great....the people you play it with not necessarily so.

So what games do I have on pre-order that are pushing Halo: Reach to the back of my budget? Dance Dance Revolution, Fallout New Vegas, and Fable III. Games that are further out that I want to pick up are: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 3, Dead Space 2, The Force Unleashed 2 and a whole lot more. I might be treating myself a lot this Christmas season so any gifts I give might be a little skimpy. But I'm not complaining. :) What games are on your radar this holiday season?


Helll Weasell said...

I had Reach pre-ordered and I picked it up on launch day. I voted the same way.

I feel your pain with regarding Halo online. I don't mind the gameplay myself but I have very little experience with it online. I'm not interested in getting insulted by pot-smoking unemployed 20-somethings sitting in their parents' basement playing games all day instead of actually contributing to society in any type of meaningful way, but that's another conversation for another time.

Games pre-ordered (released before end of year): The Force Unleashed 2. CoD: Black Ops, Dead Rising 2.

Games pre-ordered (released in 2011): Gears of War 3 (Really early, I know. It's a long story.)

Games on the X-mas list: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas

Undecided and under consideration: Fable III, James Bond: Bloodstone, Medal of Honor, many others for 2011 release dates.

I seriously need a year off of life to catch up on my gaming. (sigh...)

metallicorphan said...

i voted to get it eventually,it was gonna be next Friday,but that's the day that Dead Rising 2 is released(24th in UK)..and i so want that,so not decided yet which will miss out

Zenra Nukenin said...

I thought that I was the sole vote for "release day", since I had it on preorder also. It turns out that I didn't pick it up until the day after anyway, so that just makes me a liar. :p