Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Poll: Are you getting Halo: Reach?

There's a little game coming out next week that you might not have heard about. It's called Halo: Reach. What? You have heard about it? Well then, vote in this poll. Please!

Are you getting Halo: Reach?

Yes, I'm getting it at release
Yes, eventually
Maybe, if all my friends get it first


Zak said...

I really want to get it on release day, but I'm going to Vegas this weekend and I need the $59 for booze. If I return with money, then I'll get it.

Helll Weasell said...

I have it pre-ordered so I'm getting it on launch day, but I don't know how much I'll play it right off the hop. Quite frankly, there are other games I'd rather play.

But Halo is one of those things you want to have on the shelf because you just never know when a round of multiplayer or firefight is going to break out. Kinda like Gears - you just never know.

Don't lose your shirt at the craps table, Zak. Save a few bucks for the Xmas rush of new games.

Anonymous said...
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