Monday, May 4, 2015

Minecraft has new achievements

So there was an update to Minecraft that added some new achievements.  I haven't played Minecraft in awhile because I was starting to get frustrated.  I needed to tame 5 wolves but I ran out of bones after taming 2 of them.  I was also trying to build a nether portal with the bucket method and I think my dimensions were off with it being 1 too high.  I'm building my own castle in Minecraft but I'm not doing it in Creative mode so I have to mine everything I use.  Now you can see why I got frustrated.

But there's new achievements.  Who can't say no to that?  I couldn't.  I put Minecraft at lunch today and played around in the tutorial area and picked up 6 achievements.  I think for a total gamer score of 115.  Or something close to that.  If you want to see how I did you can check out my video on YouTube.  The audio still sucks but at least it's live commentary and not a voice over. 

And I realized that I say um a lot.  I should work on that . . . and more achievements.

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