Monday, May 11, 2015

Ruin of the Jedi part 2

I'm not going to wait a week before I post part 2 of my video Ruin of the Jedi.  Hopefully I'll get part 3 post in the next day or two as well  There will be a lot of editing on that one.  Trust me.

There's several things I learned while watching this video as I edit.  1) I can't jump 2) I get frustrated easily and 3) I sound like a younger version of my sister.  I'll talk more on #3 later.  Apparently I suck at jumping in that game.  Single jumping.  Double jumping.  Doesn't matter.  All suck.  And when I can't jump I get frustrated.  And swear.  And sigh.  A lot.  Sorry.  I'll have to listen for that and correct myself in the future.  If you wanted to hear someone sigh all the time you should probably go watch a porno.  Well you won't get that from me.  I'm not in to ASMRs either.

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