Thursday, December 6, 2007

I must have gremlins

Okay, I've got to have gremlins or evil sprites or something that is messing with my internet connection. I tried to get on my PC last night to do some surfing and things started out okay but they didn't last that way for long.

In the middle of downloading a video (and no it wasn't a porn video but a news video from a local tv station) I got a little pop up message saying one of my "cables has become disconnected, please reconnect the cable to continue." What? I was just sitting there minding my own business not touching a thing and my computer is telling me one of my cable was disconnected? This has got to be related to my connection issues when I'm on Xbox Live.

The problem got so frustrating that I had an ISP tech out to test everything. Modem? Good. Wall outlet? Good. I rewired by connection so it wasn't running through my surge protector and that seemed to fix things. At least for a day or two.

Things started acting up and I figured I just wouldn't be able to play certain games from my place. No whatever is going on is effecting my computer. I guess I need to test each cable and cord and see if I've got a bad one in the bunch. But do you know how many cables I've got back there? It seems hundreds. And if they all test out okay then I know I've got gremlins.

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