Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day of Gaming was a blast

So my Day of Gaming was a blast. I had some peace and quiet at my apartment and I was able to play BioShock for several hours and I have to tell you that game is getting good. I raked in a lot of achievements over that long weekend (and this last one two). It's nice to see my gamerscore jump higher. Sometimes I don't feel like a serious gamer when I have such a pitiful gamerscore.

I tried to do another Day of Gaming just this last Monday but things kind of got in the way. The first things was I had an appointment to look at a house for sale. It was a really nicely updated house where I wouldn't have to do anything if I moved in. But it didn't have any cable outlets and since my internet is cable that's an important thing that would need to be taken care of right away. But that's not why I'm not going to make an offer on the place. The house just wasn't right. It's not big enough for what I want and it's just way too early right now. The lease on my apartment isn't up until the end of October and there's a pretty hefty penalty for breaking it. So I wait. In a couple of months I'll start seriously looking and maybe I'll have a place all my own.

Another reason why I didn't game as much as I would have liked on Monday was because the circus was in town. I'm not talking elephants and tigers. I'm talking a niece and a couple of nephews. Their just as cute and adorable as baby tigers or elephants but they're ever so much more exhausting. I once had my 2 year old nephew go tell his parents "Aunt Pengwenn says I'm birth control". They are. But I still love them even if they can be a bit much to handle for us single people.

So as long as the circumstances allow me to every (other) Monday is going to be a Day of Gaming. If you see me online feel free to send me an invite. I might send a note back saying I want to crank the single player stuff out while everyone else is slaving away at thier jobs, but then again I might just be a little lonely and want someone to play with. As long as you're over the age of 2 anyway.

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