Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Day of Gaming

Sunday's usually a "day of rest". And I'm here to let you know that Monday will be a Day of Gaming. Feel free to join me.

You see, at the first of the year I changed my work schedule around. I have to work an extra 52 minutes every day so I can get every other Monday off. I really can't stand the longer hours but having that day off to sit at home and play games without having to dip into my vacation time seemed worth it. Unfortunately so far this year I haven't really had the opportunity to take full advantage of playing video games on that day off.

We had weeks where we were back on the shorter schedule due to a holiday or a big work function. But the Mondays I did have off seemed to be commandeered by other things. I had errands to run, doctors appointments, family obligations. You name it and it was something I had to do on my extra day off. Well no more.

This Monday I have nothing planned except sleeping in and playing video games. It will be nice to sit and play BioShock or Lost Odyssey for an extended period of time without feeling guilty because I'm not responding to the game invites my friends keep sending. Don't get me wrong, I like knowing someone out there wants to play with me it's just sometimes I want to play something by myself. No offense.

Maybe I'll focus on Enchanted Arms and Lost Planet and make up my mind whether I'm going to keep them or trade them in for something else. I don't know what that something would be since I'm very content with the games and systems I have now. Oh sure, there's other games and systems I'd like to have but nothing so great that it says "if the world ended tomorrow you'll regret not owning me" type of thing.

So if you see me on in the middle of the day on Monday no, I haven't lost my job or quit (although that idea sounds attractive) or have gravely injured myself so I can't work. I'm just relaxing, playing around and having fun. Feel free to join me in the debauchery (maybe I should play Armed & Dangerous or Bard's Tale).

I hereby declare this Monday a Day of Gaming. Besides, if this Monday doesn't pan out I'm taking the next Monday off (vacation time) to make up for it. Maybe every Monday should be a Day of Gaming. And if we can make it a national holiday we'd never have to work another Monday again. Now that's a campaign promise I can vote for.

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