Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Identity crisis en masse

I'm so confused.

My friends are all having identity crises. I log in on Monday and three of my friends have changed their names. I know one of them has been talking about it for awhile but I was never sure if he would ever do it. Another one mentioned it in passing one day and the last one just came out of the blue. At least they had the courtesy to send a message to everyone letting their friends know who that strange name was that just seems to sudden;y appear on their list.

But what do I call them?

I've played with these guys for years under one name and now they've changed it. It's like having a kid and naming them Johnny except when they reach five years old you decide they look more like a Chris than a Johnny. I haven't played with them yet but I know when I do as soon as I hear their voice I'll call them by their old name and not the new one. Maybe if we're playing in a room full of friends they'll know how I'm talking about but if there's some strangers there they're not going to have a clue. And quite frankly I probably won't either.

I think until I get use to their new names I'm going to have to keep a play sheet taped up to the TV. Kind of like a baseball manager has for his team. Except instead of stating the batting order and what side they hit from it'll tell me who they were and what name they're going by now. It'll take some getting use to since one of them use to be at the top of my friends list is now towards the bottom; one at the bottom has now moved up to the top; and one dropped from the middle to the bottom. It's just enough to make my head spin.

I don't know who anyone is anymore. So if you're on my friends list and I accidentally delete you, please don't take offense. Just send me a note reminding me of who you are . . . I mean were . . . and I'll accept your friends request or send one of my own. I'm sure you're got your reasons for changing your name but some of us gamers are starting to get old and our memories aren't what they use to be. Besides it's so much more fun taunting you if I know what to call you.

And just because you took the "evil" out of your name doesn't make you any less so. Just thought you should know.


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
And links to your blog please.
Waited for your reply.

pengwenn said...

Um . . . not sure what you're talking about. Oh well.