Thursday, April 16, 2009

Introducing my psychotic dog

You will pay attention to me...

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, I've been too exhausted. Part of that has been keeping up with my psychotic dog Zoe so she doesn't destroy my house or the rest of my clothes. The bugs she can have. She likes chasing them, so I don't mind. She loves stirring up the bugs in the grass and then chasing after them. If they hop away (like grasshoppers and crickets do) she'll hop too. It's quit funny to watch.

She thinks that if I get up from where ever I was sitting it instantly becomes her chair. It's hard to persuade her otherwise. And she's figured out that the best way to get my attention while I'm playing video games is to come and put her head on my controller or to start licking my hands (and if she can get her tongue on the controller even better). What does she want when she does this? Someone to pet her and play with her. If I put my feet up on the ottoman and lean back so she can't get to my hands she'll walk back and forth underneath my legs and rub her back on the back of my legs. Like a cat would.

She also thinks she's a lap dog. When I recline back to watch TV she'll jump on my lap and want to sit right on my chest. But first she has to stand and stick her butt in my face for awhile before sitting down. Of course, by then I can't see the TV screen anymore.

She's found of barking at the creepy crawly pool vacuum as it starts to come up on the walls. She loves chewing up my clothes. And when she can't do that she'll start pulling things off of the top of my dresser and throwing them around the room. Or she'll get on the top of my desk and hunt around for a pen to chew. And then there's one dog that shows up every now and then at my parent's house that she growls and barks at. The only problem is that dog is just HER REFLECTION IN A MIRROR. To her, getting from point A to point B is always a straight line, even if she has to vault over furniture (or people sitting on said furniture) to get there.

She's a handful. Extremely friendly (except with kai). Funny. And psychotic. But I'll keep her anyway. It's hard to image what I did without her. Oh, I know, played more video games uninterrupted. I told my mother it's like having a two year old: she's old enough to know her name and what you're telling her, but young enough that she doesn't really care about what you think she should be doing, she's going to do her own thing anyway. That's Zoe.

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metallicorphan said...

cute dog

they say that when you are in the mood for fun,dogs are in the mood for fun

when you aren't in the mood for fun...dogs are still in the mood for fun

for cats its when you are in the mood,they aren't..and when they are,you aren't

when i am playing games my cat will come and sit on the arm of the a chair and the arm of me!!,spralled out,and then start wagging her tail so it hits me in the face(i swear she does that on purpose)

pets seem to have 6th sense,and know when to come to us when we are playing games..she isn't like this when i am watching a movie etc