Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where are my achievements?

So I saw my friend Evil Ric playing Blackjack the other day and it said he was joinable. I went to the marketplace and the Community Game Blackjack game was only 200 Microsoft points to download. I downloaded it and joined his game.

Now, I might not be very good at Texas Hold'em but I know how to play Blackjack. Within a couple of minutes I had my $100 starting chips up to over $3,000. And every so ofter I would get a small box that popped up saving I got some kind of reward for something I did. Yeah achievements!

Except they weren't.

When I switched back the the dashboard and checked my games there were no achievements listed for this game. How could you have an Xbox 360 game without achievements? That just doesn't make sense. Yes, I know I played games long before achievements came about. But the Xbox 360 has become synonymous with achievements. You can't have one without the other. So where are they?

I don't know if it has anything to do with Blackjack being a "Community Game" or not. I read an article online where a developer of a Community Game was whining that his community game wasn't making any money because Microsoft was failing to promote such games. To be honest this was the first time I had even heard of Community Games. When I check on xbox.com's forum list of all the Community Games I found out there are actually a bunch of them. But even if they are "Community Games" shouldn't they have achievements? Ones you can earn and show off to your friends?

Now, there might achievements with this game and for some reason my system is glitched. Why do I think that? Because every time I start playing the game it starts me off with the default chip count and the rank of 1. Evil told me that as long as I stop playing and my chip count is above $100 I should keep all my chips and my rank. Apparently it's not doing that for me when I play. I don't know if this is because I haven't played the single player game yet or a glitch in the system. Either way, no achievements and no carryover chips doesn't make me think fondly for this game.

Except, or course, when I'm beating Evil Ric. You see he steals all my chips when we play Texas Hold'em. With this game I was winning more than he was (even if I wasn't playing to help the table like he thinks I should). Even without achievements in the game (for whatever reason) I think I still might play this one, but only with Evil Ric. I'll just have to make my own achievement for the game:


metallicorphan said...

LOL,Penny so wants her 200 points back!!

theres only one community game i want,and thats the golf game(can't remember its name)..other stuff on there i cant't believe MS are charging...that clock one for instance,or the fireplace

Pengwenn said...

What I want my points back from is Double Dragon, Paperboy and Track and Field (and maybe a couple others).

When I saw Blackjack I thought "Aha, here's a game I can play and kick his butt in." And then I promptly did just that. I just don't like it when the game says I've won an amard but then I have nothing to show for it.

Zenra Nukenin said...

I thought In The Pit was interesting. Not interesting enough to pay for, but... And I need to quit playing Saint's Row 2 long enough to check out Colosseum.
BTW: Coummunity Games DO NOT support Achievements (I'm sure you know that by now).

Anonymous said...

I have been playing the Blackjack game for a while because I love it, but I too was disappointed that there aren't any achievements. It might be the only game (besides Scene It) where I can kick my hubby's butt!