Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poll Results - What kind of soldier are you?

A little late, but here are the poll results:

What kind of soldier are you?

I melee; therefore I am = 1 vote
Double barrel action for me (shotgun)= 1 vote
Robin Hood to the rescue (bows)= 0 votes
A single shot is all I need (sniper) = 1 vote
Call me 1-800-FLOWERS (frags) = 1 vote
Don't call me fat (heavy gunner) = 3 votes

I think I voted for the heavy gunner option. But to be honest things have been really hectic around here (which is why I haven't posted much) so I can't remember if I voted at all. Oh, the shame!

I know, or can figure out, some of the choices of what my friends picked. Kaiakapero is on a sniper kick right now so I know what he voted for. I have some friends that I'm sure didn't vote but I know how they would have voted if they did. El Sand Dog would either vote for grenades (since he was always tagging people in the first Gears of War) but he might vote for the heavy gunner now (because he seems obsessed with the mortar gun, even if he can't pronounce it properly). If Hell Weasel voted I think he would have picked the bow. He's one mean shot with the torque bow.

For me, the two weapons that I can use most effectively in Gears of War 2 are the Scorcher and the Boomshot. Every other weapon is hit or miss . . . but mostly miss. I prefer to stay back from all the fire fights and work on firing as a distraction or a disturbance. I love going on the bridge on the Ruins map and firing across to the Torque Bow/Sniper corner of the opponent. If I time it right I can usually get someone down. Unfortunately I can't get over there to finish them off. But since you automatically die when you've been downed for the third time he's already got one strike against him when my teammates catch up to him.

Now if Gears was like Star Wars Battlefront with up to 32 enemies on a side I would love to just run in there and start firing. It would be double barrel action for me then. But with teams limited to 4 or 5 characters (and no respawns) you've got to be a little more carefull about how you go after the enemy.

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