Monday, April 6, 2009

My new addiction

So I've found my new addiction. It use to be Jewel Quest. It got so bad that I'd have to play one board in the morning before I left for work instead of having breakfast or I couldn't think straight the rest of the day. Or, after a long night playing Gears of War I would need a game to help me unwind all that pent up emotion I had so I'd start up Jewel Quest and ease my way into a restful (but very abbreviated) night's sleep. It hasn't gotten that bad yet, but it might.

My new addiction is Peggle. It's such a simple game. It's like pinball, but once the ball goes out of play all the pegs and blocks you've hit go out of play. The object is to get rid of all the orange colored pegs and blocks scattered throughout a bunch of blue ones. Simple and addicting. No matter how carefully you plan your shot and where you think the ball will bounce it will take a different hop and end up somewhere else.

There's lots of different levels and characters to play with. And a different special attack with each one. If you want to use the flippers you pick that character. A fireball? Choose that other character. And there's multiplayer action too.

Every so often I find a game that I just love to play and waste hours doing so. It's usually an arcade game because they're so easy to get in and play really quick without having to worry about save points and such. If it hadn't have been Peggle it would probably be Crystal Defenders. That game is a little harder to describe. But for now, it's Peggle. Simple. Addicting. And just a lot of good fun. And when you find out big, tough, burly men are falling in love with a game filled with rainbows, unicorns, and symphonic music from Beethoven you know it's addicting. But I'm not complaining.


metallicorphan said...

ahh Penny,i was late to Peggle as well,great game..i am currently trying to go through the boards again trying to get a clean sweep..isnt easy

Pengwenn said...

What the definition of a "clean sweep"? Not losing a ball? You do that every round. Doing each level in one attempt? Since the starting orange pegs/blocks change each time whether or not you're successfull depends on the layout. IMHO

metallicorphan said...

okay i may of been a little vague,sorry i meant clearing all the balls!!every board

Ultra Extreme Fever!!
que music

i think there are something like 35 boards,the last 5 or so are pretty ahrd just to get Extreme Fever,so wheni try for Ultra Extreme Fever its gonna be hell

metallicorphan said...


oh and you can get a cool ultra extreme fever as well(achievement i think),by getting the last orange,and then getting the last blue while that music is playing,as the ball still bounces everywhere trying to fall into a pit at bottom