Thursday, May 28, 2009





Stupid glitch.

Ugh! I just want to chuck my Fable 2 disk through my tv, use it as a pooper scooper then toss it into my pool. I got "the glitch" last night and I'm pissed.

There's a glitch that seems to happen in random places. There's a guy on one forum who had it happen to him in The Crucible. It happened to me in the Cemetery.

After going into the Cemetery I decided I didn't want to fight 100 Hollow Men right then. So, I tried to leave. Unfortunately the game wouldn't let me. It would dump me right outside of the Cemetery, but no matter what direction I headed it would put me right back into the Cemetery. I tried that three times before the game finally let me leave. It put me near the harbor and the problems really started.

The first thing I noticed was those little glowing orbs were pointing me to where the guy is to take you to Knothole Island. I knew that wasn't my active quest so I pulled up my menu and looked at it. Apparently the game reset my active quest to Knothole Island and when I tried to reset it the game wouldn't acknowledge the change.

Then I started to move. Or tried to at any rate. If I tried to move outside the glowing orb path my character seemed to get pulled back towards the orbs no matter what I did. And when I did follow the path my character moved in jerky movements. I've never had this happen before and even though I've installed the game on my hard drive I figured it was just running through a load sequence and it would get better soon.

It didn't.

When I got to the Knothole Island guy on the pier he had 5 enemies surrounding him and attacking him. I tried to come to his defence but I couldn't pull out my crossbow. Or my great axe. Or use any spells. At this point I was in the middle of them and they started hacking at me and I didn't have a way to defend myself.

So what's a girl to do? I used the quick travel menu option and picked a spot close to where I was. A couple hours of the game clock and one load screen later I was standing safely at the entrance to Bowerstone. Except I couldn't move.

I couldn't walk or run anywhere. I couldn't do any expressions. And I didn't have my dog with me. In fact I couldn't remember the last time I had seen my dog. The Cemetery, maybe? So I went back to the quick travel menu and picked another destination. Same thing. It didn't matter what place I picked, once I got there I couldn't move.

Now, I've read about this "immobile" glitch in the game from several forums. And I'm sure I read there's a way to fix it too. So I saved my game (big mistake) because I had done a lot of things prior to start of all my problems, but I hadn't saved for a long time. Before I decided to go online to find what to do to fix the problem I thought I'd see if exiting the game and reloading my save would fix things. It didn't.

So I ripped the game out of my system and promptly put it back in my game case. Then I got online to figure out how to solve my problem. Apparently this problem was suppose to have been fixed in an update to the game at the end of March. Since I had all the updates I should have been good. But obviously I wasn't. I did some more research and found out that the only way to "fix" the problem was to restart the game.


Do you know how many hours I've invested in that game so far? My character was completely evil and completely corrupt (no small feat that). I had a 5 star ranking in both woodcutting AND blacksmithing. I completed the Hero of Strength quest, had not one, but two statues created in my honor and completed many other side quests of the game. So what if I couldn't figure out how to have sex and wake up with a baby? I think I've pretty much given up on that for the time being when for the last couple of days whenever I tried to use a bed I would get this message: "You can't rest here." It didn't matter what bed, in stranger's houses or either of my marital houses it just wouldn't let me do it. And now I find out I've got to start over? You've got to be kidding me?

There's a big difference between a glitch that allows a player to "hide" in a wall and shot at people passing by but not taking any damage from bullets themselves and a glitch that makes your game completely unplayable. That kind of glitch is totally unacceptable. The "guy in a wall" glitch can be dealt with and the game will go on. An "immobility" glitch stops the game cold and pisses off the gamer like you would not believe.

This glitch makes the trouble I had with a boss encounter in Lost Odyssey where the boss dealt only in magic and my party (forced on me) was weak in magic defence look like a walk in the park and then a joy ride. After that boss I put Lost Odyssey aside because I was angry and frustrated with how many attempts it took me to defeat him and picked up Fable II. Now maybe I'll put Fable II aside and go back to Lost Odyssey. Once I finish that game (I'm on disk 4) I can finally go back to Blue Dragon which is a game I've been dying to get to for awhile.

If Lionhead Studios want me to invest in Fable III when it comes out they need to do a better job at doing their job. That one lousy glitch might turn me off the game for a very long time. I might not even go back to finish the first Fable game (which I haven't done yet). It just makes me go grrrr!


metallicorphan said...

gutting...i have just finished Fable 2 again last week,did both lots of DLC

FWIW-the 100 hollow men that sam and max conjure up at Bowerstone cemertary is very easy,takes less than 5 minutes,in fact it was a joy to do,i would swing my sword once or twice and they are the easy type hollow men who just crumble,they dont all come at you at once

i havent heard of that glitch

although with the new DLC you can change your dog that you have,so first i did a husky and it didnt look that great,so second i did a bloodhound and he looked cool so i carried on with my game..not sure where i was (shadowcourt perhaps)and the dog turned invisible,which was apain when following him when he was hunting for dig spots

when i got back to barrum(whatever his name is)i turned my dog to a Dalmation and he reappeared..kept him as that ever since

see one of my other posts,in one of your posts about having sex and getting married and having kids

and it doesnt sound as though you are really that far into the game TBH

currupt and evil complete can take about 20-30 minutes..just buy houses and raise the price to 100%..and get people to follow you to (fast travel)the temple of shadows and sacrifice them at the wheel...tons of evil for that(-50 evil,-30 corruption) just get about 10 people to follow you and cahs in

the statues are just the plinths what you find on your travels,so that can be fixed in a minute or two with fast travel(fairfax gardens,Oakfield are the easiest)

and the hero of strength is the first hero,Hammer you get..thats about an hour in

what about Gargoyles and Silver keys,they would be the pisser if you had got a lot...and also i guess the money you earned is the only real sacrifice from starting a new game,and the jobs too..but they arent that important and take about 10 minutes for each level,its just actually doing it that's a pain

Anonymous said...

hey pengwenn its snakes venom 0 i am trying to get ahold of the guys with no good results since im about 2500 miles away from home i had a bad motorcycle accident and now in a hospitol been here for 3 weeks a drunk driver hit me then ran sorry i had to try and contact you this way but i have no other way of contacting you guys to tell you im ok and will be out of here in a week or so and ill be back online you can contact me via email snakes

Pengwenn said...

snake I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I'll let them all know (although you might be home before I can tell them tonight). I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery.