Friday, May 15, 2009

New Poll - Have you had sex in a video game?

Here's my latest poll:

Have you had sex in a video game?

"black coffee" was HOT! (GTA)
I hired a hooker in Bloodstone (Fable II)
I've only slept with my spouse (Fable II)
I don't kiss and tell

Vote in the poll and then let me know what you think in my comments. We don't need to know all the dirty details . . . save that for your letter to Playboy.


metallicorphan said...


Fable 2-Hooker=STDs
Fable 2-Wife

Fable 1-Wife

Fallout 3-slept with the prostitute..even i don't know if we 'did it'

Fahrenheit(known as Indigo Prophecy in the States)-watched girlfriend do a naked(well,topless) dance for me

Godfather 2-stared for longer than i should at the topless dancers in that

Pengwenn said...

Ummm.... that just might be too much information . . . although I now have a picture of you in my mind staring at the TV screen and drooling while playing certain games. *wink wink*

metallicorphan said...

now that you have said that Penny,i now have a picture of YOU in fro....

ahh,never mind :D