Friday, May 1, 2009

Poll Results - Have you played BioShock?

Here are the poll results:

Have you played BioShock?

Yes = 7 votes
No = 2 votes
My name is Evil Ric and I will play this game before the poll closes or Pengwenn will delete me from her friend's list = 4 votes

Evil tried to be sneaky and kept voting for the last one, but fortunately it only let him clone himself 3 times before it wouldn't let him do it again. Trust me, we don't need any more Evil Rics in our lives, I'm just saying. And yes, he's still on my friend's list.

For those who voted "no" I'd like to know why you haven't picked up the game yet. It's a fantastic game and it's pretty cheap now. Once we get closer to BioShock 2 that might not be the case.

When I played this game it scared the willies out of me. Every time I heard the thump of a Big Daddy's footsteps I'd stop and look around me . . . on the screen and in my apartment. It was just that creepy. Of course it helped that I usually played it with the lights off at night. I even blogged about a specific night where I was going through a particularly wet part of the game and there was a huge thunderstorm outside. Rain was coming down in sheets and once again it scared the willies out of me.

And I don't want to spoil anything for Evil but when you get to the big reveal about who your character is, what he does, and WHY he does it I just had to go WOW! I never would have guessed about that. But when I stopped to think about it made perfect sense. It made me feel like I couldn't wait to play it again to pick up on all the subtle things I missed that would have pointed me right to that conclusion.

And this is a game I will play again . . . and not just to get the missing achievements. I can't tell you how many times I just spent wandering around in an area LOOKING at things. Art on the walls, construction of buildings, debris left laying around, corpses ripped open with blood everywhere. It was beautiful. As visually stunning as the game is I wished I had a surround sound system to play the game with. That would have been awesome. To hear which direction the Big Daddy is coming from right from the get go would be fantastic. Without a surround system the game does okay in that respect but it still would have been nice to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

I did have some trouble in parts of the game, but mostly because I forgot what my objective was and where I had to go. Other times was because the enemy was too good for the type of weapons or plasmids I was using. I was using a slow gun . . . they were fast. I had inferno equipped . . . they were immune to fire. That kind of thing. Although I had my comfort zone of what weapons and plasmids I was confident with the game forced me to try new things. I don't think I would have used telekinesis if I hadn't had to. But once I got the hang of it I thought that enhancement was fun. And there were times in the game where I saved it every time I came to a corner . . . and then once again when I got around it. And I think I was playing on easy.

I will play it on the super hard mode so I can get that "Ball buster" achievement. It might take me a long time, and many saves, to do it without dying but it will be worth it. If you haven't played it yet. Do it now. If you haven't finished the game, what are you waiting for? And then just before BioShock 2 comes out put the game back in and play again. Would you kindly do so.

Thanks. I'll see you in Rapture.

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