Friday, July 31, 2009

Just one of the guys

You know you're "just one of the guys" when your teammates get all hot and bothered playing against "Hot Fantasy Girl" and you lose a couple of rounds because of it. And then when "she" sends an invite to play they start squealing like little school girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. Maybe I need to crank up the flirting again. After all, I'm a girl too, you know.

So, how you doing? *wink wink*


metallicorphan said...

LOL,that made me know Penny,you could of flirted with this hot fantasy girl yourself in front of your team mates..i am sure that would of gained the interest of your teammates

if not,as punishment as all their blood had gone from their brains to other regions of their body,you could of got them easily killed because they weren't concentrating

Revenge is a dish best served HOT!!

Pengwenn said...

Girls can be so catty. I know, because they were still talking about her the next night. I admit I was jealous. You guys are MY guys. If anyone is going to get you hot and bothered (besides your wives and girl friends) it's gonna be me.

metallicorphan said...

i'm glad we are in agreement ;):D