Sunday, September 2, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and gamers

It's been one year since my brother and I have made a pact to finish one game for each system we own in common (see my original blog post) and still neither one of us has finished any one of those games. And to be honest, on some of them we haven't made a lot of progress either.

It was a great idea at the time and I still think it's at least a good idea but times change. People change. And there's more games out there to buy and play. If I spent all my time playing just those four games then my other 300+ are looking more and more like expensive drink coasters. Or dust collectors.

So I'm at a crossroads. A dilemma in my quest to not just play all my games but to finish some of them too. It's the start of the gaming world bonanza when all the publishers and developers start releasing their long sought after games before the holiday season. Games like BioShock, Hale 3, Blue Dragon, Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect. There's a whole lot of others coming out in addition to those that at $60 a pop your budget can take a mighty big hit between now and Christmas. And I'm trying to save up for a condo. So I'm left to decide between a condo or more games.

A place of my own, to decorate how I want or countless hours of entertainment? With a condo comes more bills and responsibility. With new games comes more that I probably won't finish. I want both. But I also want to finish the games I've already got. I could set a rule that I can't buy another game until I finish one I already have. Well, we all know how well I've been doing on that front. The best laid plans or mice and gamers, eh?

Speaking of "best laid plans" I know I promised a list of my favorite games for each system but I'm having some difficulties with my choices for some of the systems. For the Xbox and Xbox 360 I just can't seem to narrow my choices to a manageable list. For the Super Nintendo and N64 I just thought I had more games than that. I finally completed (but I'm hoping that's not true) my inventory of Super Nintendo and N64 games and I was less than impressed. Only twenty games for the N64? Was the system worth it if all I got were those twenty games? I'm still thinking about things and I'm sure I can put together a list for each of those systems. The problem I'm having with my Game Boy Advance is all the "game ports" I have. Do I only count originals? I hope to put the next list up sometime soon. Stayed tunes. And feel free to argue for or against the ones I've picked for the Playstation and PS2.

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