Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Favorite Games - PSP

Okay, this isn't going to take very long. I don't have that many PSP games. When I purchased my PSP it was a spur of the moment decision. I was having a bad day and decided, what the heck (I tend to spend large amounts of money whenever I'm having a bad day). I was always going to get one, I had just planned on waiting a little longer before I did. The problem with getting it then was that I didn't have any money for games. Every time I went back into my local Gamestop was to look for a game for one of my console systems. The PSP has always taken a back seat to the console, poor thing. I'm trying to rectify that situation as my budget . . . and bad days allow

#1 Lemmings
I remember watching my brother play Lemmings on our computer a long time ago. It looked fun but complicated. I only played it a little bit but I liked it. I found a version was released for the SNES but I was never ever to track down a copy. When this came out for the PSP it was a sure bet. Lemmings can be the most laughable and yet thoroughly frustrating fun you'll ever have outside of Pikmin. I've wanted to toss my PSP through a window many times during the game but I always want one more crack at it before I do.

#2 Tokobot
It's fun to order your minions around to fling you across open spaces or scale impossible walls. Get them to do the dirty work for you and you can reap all the rewards. Learn to control the camera angles and you'll have lots of fun.

#3 Daxter
A sidekick getting his own game? Yeah, we've seen that before but who wouldn't love the wisecracking ottsel (a hybrid of an otter and a weasel) over a weak kneed plumber? There's nothing newly inventive with this platformer (that I've seen so far) but it sure is a lot of fun to play as Daxter and listen to him toss around those zingers.

#4 Untold Legends (both of them)
My first foray into "fighting" type games was through Hunter the Reckoning. A standard hack and slash. I fell in love. Untold Legends is in the vein of Balder's Gate and Champions of Norath but now you get to take it anywhere you want to go. A portable hack and slash. That style of game play suits me perfectly and I love whipping the PSP out on my lunch hour and slicing a few heads off (it beats doing that in the office).

Honorable Mentions: Ape Escape and Lumines (I have others but I haven't played them enough to pass judgement beyond the "this doesn't suck yet" phase).

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