Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fuel for Gaming

I'm starting to see a lot of commercials for the new Mountain Dew product Fuel. It's being advertised as game fuel for Halo 3. I tried drinking Mountain Dew in college when pulling an all nighter. Unfortunately there's just way too much caffeine in the soda for me. I got wired and jittery and then about a couple hours later I crashed and was zonked out for 12 hours. I'll stick with Pepsi, thank yo very much. But seeing those commercials got me thinking about a couple of things.

1) Although it's a commercial for Mountain Dew it's also a commercial for Halo 3. A video game. And I'm seeing these commercials where I wouldn't expect to see commercials about video games. Have video games finally gone mainstream? Instead of a gamer being a slimy, oddball who lives in their parents basement are gamers turning out to be you normal average person? I hope so. If true then things look better for me.

2) What is my "game fuel"? Do I have a food or snack that I like to eat when playing marathon sessions of gaming? I had to think about this one. And nothing jumps out at me. I like to eat a variety of things. Peanut butter M&Ms are always good, no matter what the situation. The problem is eating a lot of chocolate makes me thirsty. That's where a tall cold glass of milk comes in handy. But it's much easier to flip the mute button, pop a few M&Ms in your mouth and keep playing than to pick up a glass and take a drink while trying not to get killed.

I do tend to eat a lot of pizza while I'm gaming. But only once I'm dead. That usually means that a slice of pizza will last me a half an hour. It starts out hot but ends up cold. But that's okay. Pizza is one of the few foods that tastes just about as well cold as it does hot.

I tried eating Chinese while gaming once. Big mistake. My chopstick stills are average at best but combine that with button mashing on a control and there was Kung Pao chicken all over the place. You would think that I could stop gaming for 20 minutes to eat a meal. Or at least to eat before I start gaming. But sometimes when I walk in the door the first thing I want to do is start blowing people's heads off.

I'm not much of a potato chip person. Too greasy and salty. I have tried popcorn, but that doesn't fill you up. And since I like mine with extra butter my buttons end up getting slimy and slick. When you go to take someone out and your control slips from your hands it's time to try eating something else.

So my search for the perfect fuel for gaming will have to continue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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