Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Poll - Have you gotten the Red Ring of Death?

To me it seems the dreaded Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360 comes in waves. I'll have several friends get it within a two week time period and then no one for a month or two. Then another wave of failures hits and a couple more friends are faced with the choice of waiting for their system to come back or buying a new one (and using their other one as a back up when it comes back). Vote and feel free to leave a comment here.


Zenra nukenin said...

Yes, my second 360 broke about a month ago but it had been making horrible noises and giving random "black screen" error messages for a few months before it finaly succumbed. The long wait I had endured for the first repair (6 weeks) prompted me to buy a spare while number 2 was away at the shop.

Now I have two (minor) problems.
A- 360 number 3 has an HDMI output that I would love to use but I'm afraid that once I spend the money on the expensive cables, number 3 will break and I'll have to swap back to the Component cables to be able to use the HDMI-less console I was sent to replace number 2.
B- My understanding is that any 360 with the HDMI output also has the cooler chip set, so I might never (hopefully) need another reapir. Too much to ask?

AsherCrestfalen said...

Yup, I'm currently on my third 360 although I do know of someone that is on their seventh.

pengwenn said...

Well Zan, you could always just buy another one. (which might be Microsoft's plan all along.) I know how much the wait killed you Zen which was why I bought a second one when mine had to be shipped off.

Asher, when my first one crapped out I was planning on buying a PS3 so I already had the money saved up to buy my replacement. I couldn't imaging going through it all again or 7 times at that either. My Super Nintendo has taken more abuse than my 360 and it still works just fine. And I've long in more hours of playing on my PS2 than my 360 (although that might be getting close) and that still works like a charm. At some point you've got to say enough is enough, but I'm not sure when.