Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Budgetting my gamer score

So I finally finished disk one of Lost Odyssey. And I got 125 points for it too. If I had known how close I was to the end of that disk the last time I played, I would have continued on. It was nice to see something happy happen for a change in the game. As I watched the shower of flower petals fall all I kept thinking was I wanted to see Kaim smile at least once before the game was over. He didn't but it was close. I've played the game for just under 20 hours so it looks to be around 80-100 hours before I finish it. I heard the last disk was very short on game play so maybe the other disks will take longer.

Lost Odyssey is one game I have on my list to finish this year. Although I already have those 1,000 points in my plan towards my 10,000 point goal for the year it's nice to see my gamer score jump up in a large chunk. The 340 points I got from Scene it? help too. It's actually starting to look like 10,000 points are doable before the year's out. All of my planned calculations would come up 200-300 points short. I never figured in Scene it? because I didn't own it yet so things are moving long nicely.

The sooner I can finish Lost Odyssey and BioShock the sooner I can go back to Mass Effect. I don't like playing too many RPG type games as the same time. Sometimes it gets too hard to remember where you are in the story and where you need to go next if you haven't played the game in a while. If the story is in a different genre, like Lost Odyssey is fantasy and BioShock is science fiction, it makes things a little easier. I still have to finish Final Fantasy VII too. I reminded dain of that fact last weekend and he just kind of shrugged it off. Hello! He was the one who picked the games out and agreed to finishing them.

So if I can finish Lost Odyssey, BioShock, both Lego Star Wars games and pick up a couple more achievements in Scene it? all I've got left to do is pick up some achievements in some of my Arcade games. Anyone up for a little Gauntlet or Bomberman Live? Come on I've got this all planned out. I just need one or two achievements in a bunch of the Arcade games and I'll be passing 10,000 in gamer score before you're tired of eating turkey at Thanksgiving. I've budgeted my gamer score increases for the rest of the year so why can't I budget my bank account just as well?

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