Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poll Results - RRoD and New Poll question

Okay, I'm rolling the poll results and the new poll all in to one entry. Why? Because it's my blog and I can. So there. But also because the two are related. Just keep reading.

Poll results:

Have you gotten the Red Ring of Death on your 360?
Yes = 7
No = 2

Okay, I'm not surprised by the amount of yeses. I am surprised at the nos. If you voted for "No" it's either a) you just got your system and haven't hooked it up yet, b) you don't play on your system very much at all so it hasn't had the chance to fail yet, or c) you're lying. For the two of you who voted "no" I'd like to know why you think you haven't gotten it yet . . . because you will.

I think everyone is going to get the RRoD eventually. Here's my reasoning. I bought a pair of really cute sandals a couple of month ago. I loved them. They were comfortable and adorable and went with a lot of outfits. And the fact that I got them cheap was a bonus . . . or so I thought. I wore those sandals for two weeks before the sole of the shoes started to come apart. Why? cheap shoes means cheap manufacturing or materials.

Now an Xbox 360 isn't cheap, but I think that Microsoft's desire to be the first next gen console out there made them cut corners on the manufacturing process or the parts themselves. If you make something cheap it's bound to fall apart eventually. It doesn't matter how gentle you treat it, it's going to fail. Now Microsoft has said they've fixed the problem and all new machines won't experience the same thing. But if you read all the reports of how much Microsoft is losing on the Xbox 360 through production costs and now repair costs do you really think they aren't trying to save money somewhere. That really cheap bit of manufacturing is now upgraded, but that could just be something "not so cheap as before". I know people who have sent their same system back to Microsoft multiple times. For me I would have happily waited another year for the system to come out if it meant there wasn't a possibility of the RRoD.

So the new poll question is:

How many Xbox 360 have you owned?

If you sent your box back for repair and received the same one back you've only owned one (unless you're like me and bought a replacement while yours was out, then you've owned two). If you got a different Xbox 360 back from the repair center you're on your 2nd Xbox 360 even if you didn't buy it. Makes sense? And if you're one of those people who just keeps buying Xbox 360s when they break down how rich are you? Just kidding. But I am curious as to why you stay loyal to s system that keeps breaking down over and over again. Vote and leave a comment to let me know.


AsherCrestfalen said...

I'm personally sitting on my sixth console. I've seen this debate come up time and time again. I'm going to offer this link to you.


It's a MUST read for any 360 owner. It explains the rrod and why it is the way that it is.

Zenra Nukenin said...

Number One was replaced with Number Two. When Number Two broke, I sent it in for servicing and bought Number Three (which I'm currently using). Number Four was sent as a replacement for Number Two. Make sense? Although I've only used three, I own four.

pengwenn said...

I'm starting to have freezing problems with my 2nd xbox so I might be getting a third sometime soon. This was how things started when my first one crapped out.

Natra said...

I'm on my first since I only had it since Dec. I have it hooked up to fans, one under the base (not borrowing power for the 360)and a laptop fan pulling pulling air from the back. Please will it last? Maybe long enough to break down after the warranty

metallicorphan said...

i got the 3 red rings last week,it was a launch day machine so,in a way i was happy enough that it lasted...i now have my sisters 360(which is mine that i lent her)until my old one comes back

Anonymous said...

Had my box since launch, play it for a few hours every day, still no RROD. If you take good care of it and keep it cooled, you usually won't have issues.