Monday, August 9, 2010

Poll Results - Play as a female character?

So, I was playing online when one of my friends got a little riled up when he didn't get to play as the female character and that got me thinking. Which created this poll. Which created these scientifically sound polling numbers.

Do you play as a female character?

Yes, I am a girl in real life = 1 vote
Yes, I love the eye candy = 2 votes
No, girls are sissies = 0 votes
No, I need to show how manly I am = 3 votes

For starters let me say that I am incredibly relieved to see that no one voted for the "sissy" option. You can all remain on my friend's list.

I guess it's pretty obvious which option I picked. I am a girl in real life after all. But I don't go out of my way to pick a girl to play just because I am one. If I can only choose once (meaning the sex of your character has no bearing on the game play) than I pick whichever character is prettier. Yes, I know, how shallow of me. But if I'm going to be looking at that character for 20-50 hours of gameplay (or more) I want something aesthetically pleasuring to my sense of style and taste. Sometimes that would be a cute little female character in Fable II or sometimes it might be a male soldier in Borderlands. But then again if the characters have specific attributes (and I'm not talking about those that made Laura Croft famous) that are more suited to my gameplay, than I would pick that character.

So Borderlands is a combination of a nice, strong looking gentleman with the strengths and characteristics of how I like to play a game (at least the first time through). It also didn't hurt that his name was Roland which is the name of my favorite character from The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. But that's besides the point. Once/If I ever finish Borderlands with my soldier Roland I'll go back and play it through with a different class. Maybe that time I'll pick Lilith.

But what started all of this was a night playing Zombie Apocalypse and Beamer wanted to play as the chick. I'm pretty sure I picked the chick, but I'm use to that in multiplayer games. Whenever dain and I would play together (Balder's Gate, Champions of Norrath to name a couple) he would always pick a male character and I would always pick a female character so we could tell the difference. I think that's mostly because we almost always picked the same class of character. When we played Hunter: The Reckoning I would pick the girl because after he picked his character the girl was the best choice of who was left.

Now, if it didn't matter whether you picked a male or female character and the game was in a first person point of view so you couldn't see your character on the scene, would those that voted for the eye candy still do so? Are they trying to let their inner divas out? And what if the story/achievements were different depending on the sex of your character? Would you play as male first then female second, or vice versa? And if you're so happy to play as a female character why aren't you happy to have a female avatar? Come on, I dare ya to do it.

And for those that need to show how manly they are, there is an easier way to prove that. Just send me a picture to . . . um . . . prove your manliness and I will happy to vouch for you. I'll be thorough and critical, but I'm sure you'll all . . . measure up just nicely. ;-)


Helll Weasell said...

As I stated previously, I choose female characters generally if they have different powers or if there are game play/plot twists to the story lines that persuade me to do otherwise.

It's like any RPGs I play. I always gravitate to the positive personality traits first. I finished both KOTOR and KOTOR: Sith Lords as light side characters. I played KOTOR through as a dark side character to see how the story would change. Same with Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I maxed out paragon points on both. I recently started another playthrough on ME2 and I wanted to go for renegade points this time and see how my decisions change the gaameplay. I don't even customize Sheppard. I use the default character. That's how he looks on the game so that's how I play him.

As for pictures of my manliness, there's no point unless you have a BIG screen TV. 3d preferably, for the full effect. :-P

Pengwenn said...

Well aren't you a goodie two-shoes? And you forgot to mention HD. High Def will make anything "stand out". Besides, I was figuring something more along the lines of my cell phone would do. :)-

Zenra Nukenin said...

The way that I've always looked at it, the character I use in a game is just a character. Like in a movie. Why not cast the actor/actress that I'd rather see? The Avatar is supposed to me a hideous, bobble-headed, child-like representation of me. That's why my game choices have always been female (when possible), and my Avatar has been male (or specifically, "me").

It's funny though because a few weeks ago, I actually DID change my Avatar to female. My girlfriend in fact. Not that you can tell though.

I did it because a woman on my Friends list was sporting her new Lara Croft duds, and I wanted to be able to at least SEE what clothing options were available for the women. Except for the week that I spent as the character from Limbo, I've left her as my Avatar.