Friday, February 20, 2009

Gaming Goals

I've decided I'm going to set goals when it comes to my gaming, but I'm not going to call them New Year Resolutions. Why? Partly because I haven't been very good at setting them at the beginning of the year (and finishing them in the year as well). And partly because setting a resolution sounds like you're trying to make yourself do something that's painful or distasteful . . . like a diet. I've decided to call my goals "Gaming Goals" and I can set them any time I like. A "goal" sounds much more pleasant than a "resolution". And it means you're working towards something, not forcing yourself to do something. But maybe that's just me.

For now here are the Gaming Goals I've sent for myself. Their deadline is open-ended unless otherwise stated.

1. Finish Final Fantasy VII (I think this one has made the list for the last three years in a row) by June 15th
2. All achievements in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (2), Lego Star Wars II (9), Catan (2), Puzzle Quest (3), and Spyglass Board Games (1)
3. $100,000 bankroll achievement in Texas Hold 'em
4. Get my gamerscore to 11,111 exactly
5. Post on my blog at least 3 times a week (feel free to rag on me about this one if I don't keep it up)
6. Finish Lost Odyssey story
7. Get that pesky achievement in Soltrio Solitaire for winning at all classic games (not including expansion packs) (I forget what the achievement is called)
8. Finish Insane mode with Evil Ric in Gears of War (the first one)
9. Finish that last @#$%! level in Feeding Frenzy
10. Find my Star Wars The Force Unleashed disk (I still have boxes to unpack)

So what do you think? What are your Gaming Goals?


metallicorphan said...

why June 15th Penny for FF7?

for me i have started Morrowind,and it is that big that just getting through that game will be an achievement in itself

i want to restart and finish Dead Rising...complete Shenmue II

Metal gear solid Port ops on the PSP

final fantasy 3 and 4 on the DS

Zenra Nukenin said...

Morrowind is still the greatest game I have ever played! Especially on the PC.

Pengwenn said...

June 15th is a special day to me.

I had Morrowind, briefly, when I was just a noobie Xbox owner. I struggled with the control and progression of the game so I sold it back. (I got tired of being arrested for stealing things.) I might pick it back up again, but we'll see.

I'm going to try to stick to 10 goals so I can't put anything on until I've taken something off.

Pengwenn said...

I've achieved a goal! You'll have to read an upcoming post to see which one. hee hee