Friday, February 13, 2009

New Poll: This economy + gaming industry = ?

Okay, so here's the latest poll.

Are you worried about the effects this economy will have on the QUALITY of new games?

No (I don't worry about anything)
Yes (There goes the virtual neighborhood)
Eh? (What's wrong with the economy?)

I'll keep it open for a week. Hopefully we'll still have a functioning economy until then.


metallicorphan said...

i am worried that it will have an effect on gaming.....i mean look at Free Radical,they have just gone belly up,Square Enix are about to buy Lara Croft's home Eidos..i think Midway are next

i think one of the main developers who will come out on top will be EA,they have that many arms now..Bioware and Pandemic to name two..and of course they,as always demand on you paying for the game in the shops,and then paying again for the rest of the game online

in the UK we are still trying to get tax cuts for the gaming industry now that Gaming have become so mainstream...i think Canada and U.S have it

it isnt all bad though UK became number 2 for video games in the world,as Japan went down to number 3

maybe the pressure is on now for developers to actually make good games so that they sell(dont include EA sports there)

Kralon said...

I don't see as this economy as necessarily a bad thing for game developers. I can think of a lot of game developers that can get rid of some bad eggs (Epic) and maybe they can higher some of the better developers that get laid off and have quality programmers. I can see that the gaming industry would be afraid to release some games that could damage their reputation for years (Gears 2). So maybe we will see better games in this time. Then again if the bean counters get their way, we may see a flood of garbage to artificially boost cash flow. Like always expect the worst and you won't be disappointed.

metallicorphan said...

didnt they fix GoW2 Kralon?,i remember you were pissed off at the glitches,but i thought they had fixed it,or was it a case of too little too late?

Kralon said...

Well, it is kind of like eating a poop sandwich. No matter how much ketchup you put on it, it still tastes like poop. I tried to get into a match since they "fixed" it, and saw they still didn't fix the match making as it takes way way way way way way way way too long to get into a match and never gave it another go. Spoiled by the match making in COD W@W. I can jump in and out of matches at will and with ease.