Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Poll - posting schedule/New Year Resolutions

So I have a new poll up. It's related to the New Year Resolutions I've been trying to nail down over the last couple of days. Here it is:

How many times should I post an entry on my blog (per week)?


This is where you get to tell me what to do (and in theory I should do it). One of my goals will be related to this blog and I'm trying to figure out how many times I should post. Just know that "every day" is completely out of the question. Even I don't have that much to say. There have been some times where I've wanted to post daily or even hourly but then I wonder if anyone reads it or even cares. I know my friends occasionally come on and read things but if I posted more regularly then maybe they'd read more regularly. Like today might have multiple entries. Partly because I'm bored. But partly because I haven't been keeping things up like I want to. Besides I've got to tell you all to stop yelling at me somehow, don't I?


metallicorphan said...

i say at least once every two days,but then again,if you have something to say,just say it,no matter when

Zak said...

I check it out mostly daily during the week. Its part of my routine when I get into work and drink my coffee. everybody knows that the first hour of work is just looking at websites and e-mails and talking to co-workers, well I do.:)

pengwenn said...

Hey Zak we must work at the same place. That's all I do in the morning (especially now that my computer at home is on the fritz).