Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poll Results - How many blog entries per week?

So here's the results of my latest poll.

How many entries should I do for my blog (per week)?

3 = 4 votes
2 = 3 votes
5 = 2 votes
1 & 4 = 0 votes

For awhile there I thought everyone would pick 5 blog posts per week. Just to make me labor over a typewriter for their own amusements. Someone voted that way early and then changed their vote. With all the teasing I get about "well, that's going to make it in her blog" when someone does something in the game I would have thought more of you wouldn't pick 5x because you wouldn't want to be embarrassed . . . I mean mentioned so many times. You know who you are.

Three times a week is a very doable number. It would be even more doable if I had a working computer at home. Unfortunately we can't seem to get a video card to work in my system but we don't know if it's just the video card slot gone bad or the whole mother board shot to hell. The jury (meaning my brother dain) is still out on that. Either way it looks like I've got to get a whole new computer. I guess I can't complain too much since this one lasted for 7 1/2 years. Until then I'll have to confine my blogging to work hours or stolen moments at my parent's house. I'll have to wait for my tax refund to come in before I do anything about it anyways.

The reason for this poll was to help me set a goal (can I still call it a New Year's Resolution?) about this blog. I'd like to post more but sometimes life (or work) gets in the way. If I had a specific goal of how many times I should be posting in a week it might guilt me into revealing all your darkest secrets . . . I mean hilarious moments . . . I mean my insights into anything I see/think/hear/experience as it relates to gaming. Like how my friends have turned me into a bunny rabbit. For more on that I guess you have to keep reading. After all, I have to make 2 more entries this week, don't I?


Kralon said...

Well I say don't feel pressured to do too much. Quality over quantity after all. Just keep making them worth reading.

pengwenn said...

I try. And I hope they are worth reading. It's hard to know if what I find interesting will still be interesting to others. Maybe I just bore you all. Who knows.