Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My most humiliating defect to date

I use to make fun of my brother kai when his 4 year old daughter would beat him at bowling while playing Wii Sports. At times she had help, but after awhile she could do it on her own. Now I'm the one getting made fun of.

It wasn't that his daughter (now 5 years old) beat me, which she did, but that his 3 year old son did too.

We were playing a new Wii game called Neighborhood Sports or something like that. One of the mini games was horseshoes. I was playing with dain and my niece and nephew. I'll call them by their very aptly named nick-names, to preserve their . . . ahem . . . innocence. I think "Hurricane" (5 year old niece) got a ringer in her first or second turn. The rest of us struggled a bit to find the proper technique to the game. "Katastrophe" (3 year old nephew) just flung his arm about and started getting ringers as well. Dain finally figured out the technique involved but he didn't seem to share the secret with me. Maybe he just enjoyed the fact that every time I scored my niece and nephew would do so after me to put me further behind.

We finished the game (finally) with dain getting 22 points (21 points were needed to win), "Katastrophe" had 14 points, and "Hurricane" had 10 points. How many did I have? Six lousy points. Yep, my niece almost doubled my score and my nephew certainly did. Kai was sure to let me know that I lost to a 5 and 3 year old. No matter how hard I tried to protest that I had a handicap with my dog being permanently attached to my lap while I tried to play so I had to play sitting on the couch while everyone else got up and made full use of the cleared out living room, no one had any sympathy for me.

I'm sure the next time we play my Wii I'll hear about it then, even if we don't play that particular game. Besides, it's my Wii. Shouldn't I always win because I own it? After all I bought the Wii when I was trying to save up to buy a PS3 because I never thought I'd be able to find one in the stores. I thought it would make some fun family memories. It's just why do those memories have to be at my expense? Why do I feel like I'll be hearing about it for awhile?

I guess I could take the Wii home (it's currently being kept at my parent's house for easy access) and practice on it. That way, the next time my niece or nephew decides to throw a couple of horseshoes I can really take it to them and wipe the floor with their meager scores. Let kai take their pouting, crying, screaming faces home as I bask in the glow of victory. But then again, I would then be the mean one who beat up on a couple of kids in a video game. Hey, they were the ones who beat up on me in the first place. I just want to get a little revenge. Set things straight in my gaming world. It's disconcerting at times to lose to a 12 year old in games online, but to lose to a 3 year old who's just flinging his arm around is embarrassing.

I'm sure it's not going to be the only time time I lose to "Katastrophe" either. At least if I ever play against him again. He use to not have the patience to make it through a game. Now he's learning. And beating me. Maybe next time he should play his father. Kai hasn't been beat by one of his kids in a while so I think he's due. Until then I think I'll go back to my online games and try not to think about the 12 year old who just blew my head off in Gears of War 2. There's only so much humiliation I can take in one gaming lifetime.


metallicorphan said...

imagine if they did beat you at GoW,and then they went on THEIR blog to post(kids know everything these days so they prolly have their own blog)...i beat my Auntie!,i beat my Auntie!...that i think for you(being a GoW lover),would be the lowest

and if you have a 360(which i know you have)..i would suggest not even bothering with a PS3...last time i turned my PS3(and Wii)on was about 6 months ago..360 takes up all my time

how is your doggy Penny?

pengwenn said...

The dog passed her vet exam yesterday so she's a keeper. Although with all the attention she received on Sunday with everyone together I think she was disapointed that it was just me again on Monday. Oh well.

I keep telling myself I will get a PS3 when Final Fantasy 13 comes out. I'm pretty sure it's coming out for the 360 and the thought of getting achievements in a Final Fantasy game (I know about FF11) is exciting, but I think I want to stay true to the roots of the series (in modern times at least) and get the game on the PS3. We'll have to see what differences there are in the game when it comes out.

Kralon said...

Well I think Dain is a big boogerhead. I play with my five year old many games and I don't win many of them at all. I have yet to beat Alex at thumb wrestling and he usually beats me at paper, rock, scissors (I always pick rock). As far as the 360 goes during the Lego games I let him play the lead and I just follow him around. You did good by the kids even if you didn't mean too. I wouldn't worry about the Wii let them have the victory and enjoy it. You should just be glad you were all able to do something together with out having to do damage control after Hurricane and Katastrophe.

metallicorphan said...

the playstation has had it coming for years for FF to go to other consoles..FF11 was actually in production for the xbox 1,and Gamecube had its own FF titles and dreamcast had something going for it if it didnt go belly up

and now SONY know what its like,as Nintendo got shafted by squaresoft for FF7..at least its still coming out for the PS3

but,nope...the 360 controller is better and it will have achievements..so i will install to HDD and play on the 360(and i have that many friends from FF11 on the 360 that we are all gonna party chat and play together just like the old days of FF11)

the only thing i am waiting for on the PS3 is kingdom hearts 3 and FF13 Versus...nothing else matters
i will be getting the blu ray advent children though

i will say this for the Wii i downloaded FF:My life as a king,and its pretty addicting..not that much though as i havent been on for so long,but its fun..kinda like sim city mixed with a RTS

Zak said...

I don't feel bad losing to my 15 year old niece anymore on guitar hero. The only time I win is when she's on the floor dying of laughter. It has happen often. There's times that I'm just sitting there behaving and she'll start laughing because she says she remembers the dumb things I do.s

pengwenn said...

Well Zak, losing to a 15 year old is better than losing to a 3 year old. Like I said that's embarassing.

Besides, you should be use to people laughing at you. You play with "Max" after all. Oh wait, that should be yelling not laughing, right?

Anonymous said...

Alright, Alright! I am not the only person who yells and say's things that a good church nun would pray for us until there blue in the face.
I know a young lady online that as of the last few or so weeks has said some rather..."eye opening" things. Yes, ok so Zak and I tear each other up but it could be worse....well maybe not :)


pengwenn said...

You know, I wouldn't talk about your wife like that Max or you might be sleeping on the couch permanently. ;)

Zenra Nukenin said...

I agree with Kralon. If you really don't want to "lose" to children, then take their little @$$es outdoors for some real horsehoes.

I'll get a PS3 when Fumito Ueda (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) makes a new game.

Anonymous said...

Hahah , Nice...