Wednesday, July 15, 2009

40 points and counting

Speaking of Gamer Goals I'm close to crossing another one off my list.

One of my goals was to get my gamer score to 11,111 exactly. I was stuck at 10,981 for the longest time. That is only 130 points away so I thought I would put in Lost Odyssey and finish the game. You get 125 points for finishing each disk and I am working on the last one. That would mean I would only need 5 more points to reach my goal. Very doable. But after looking through the achievements for Lost Odyssey I decided against that.

There are a couple of achievements that I'm probably close to getting and it would be just my luck to finish the last disk and have several achievements pop up putting me over the magic number. So as mush as I want to play that game and finish it up I'm not going to put it in for awhile.

So that left me trying to find a way to maintain control over my score and get the points I need. That's when I started playing Battlefield: 1943. I've picked up several achievements in that game and now I'm only 40 points away from my goal. Those achievements are very easy to get and I'm sure I can control which ones I get and when I want them. Of course that might me I immediately jump out of a game when I get my 40 points just so I won't accidentally pick up another achievement.

Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if I finish this goal before the weekend is over (since I'm sure to get some Gears of War matches in as well). I'm sure I'll blog about it when it happens and everyone will have to check out "my sticks". Maybe my next gamer score goal should be 12,345. Do you have a gamer score goal? If so, tell me about it. Please!


metallicorphan said...

well,i guess getting to 40k is my goal...been on 39 k now for awhile the 200 points from Battlefield didn't do it,Monkey island wont push me over either(I'll be lucky if i get all 200 for that) faction will get me close but i am thinking that it may be Batman Arkham Asylum that does it at the end of August(that is if i don't get wolfenstein the week before)

i suppose i could always go back to banjo 1 and 2 and try and squeeze the points out of them

Battlefield '43 should do it for you..the milkrun is easier than it sounds,its 10 minutes in total in a plane,not 10 minutes all at once

i see you now only need 40 points...there are a few 20 point achievements in BF43.but only 1 10 that you haven't got(and one 30)

hopefully you can get two 20 point achievements before you get the 10 point one(play 30 matches)

good luck

Pengwenn said...

I have two arcade games that I need one 20 pt achievement each in in order to finish them off that I thought about working on.

The first is Puzzle Quest. It's the boss battle on the expansion pack. I can't seem to find the mission that will let me do that. And I don't have any other missions available in any of the cities. I just wander around the map clearning off the roads. My character is maxed out again but I can't trigger that boss battle.

The other game is Spyglass board game. The achievement is for beating the AI in checkers. I came close once but made one stupid move and had to play defense the rest of the way and lost. I hate that you have to start first and you HAVE to jump someone if there's a possibility. I can't tell you how many pieces I've lost because the game forced me to jump someone only to be jumped in return. And there's no way to change the difficulty level of the AI (that I know of anyway) so I'm stuck losing unless I can somehow find a way to get lucky.

Natra said...

If I can make to 10k by the end of summer (late August) I'll be happy. It helps when my kids want to play their games. Their points can come on quick (no it's not child labor to make them earn acheivements!)

Pengwenn said...

Are you running a sweat shop Natra? hee hee "Hey kids get back inside and play your video games NOW!"

metallicorphan said...

ahh is that what the Hannah Montana game is for Natra and Skin were pondering over that one,LOL