Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poll Results - Have you created an Avatar that looks like you?

Here are the poll results:

Have you created an Avatar that looks like you?

Yes, but only at first = 2 votes
Yes, as close as I could make it = 3 votes
Yes, it looks exactly like me = o votes
Ne, it's what I WANT to look like = 2 votes
No, it's my own personal eye candy = 1 vote

Okay, who's going for the eye candy? My Avatar now is all eye candy. Yes, that's a rocked out, but sensitive, guy and not a butch girl orphie. But I didn't vote for the eye candy.

I voted for "only at first". Which is mostly true. My very fist Avatar looked a lot like me except for the fact that I had to add the Princess Leia hairdo. What? I'm a Star Wars fan and I couldn't resist. Of course after I had that avatar for a while I wanted to get rid of it and go back to being anonymous. Unfortunately once you've gone Avatar you can't go back. So I changed it. I think that next one was the naughty school girl that everyone seemed to like so much.

Anyway, I get bored with my avatar, but I love looking at all of yours. Sometimes when you change the appearance drastically I have to stop and figure out who you all are. I think both MasvHdWdHarry and G Sneaka both went from dreadlocks to bald. That took some getting use to. And seeing Mad Max with blond hair and wearing a wife beater just doesn't seem right (and he was complaining about MY avatar).

Then there are my friends that keep the same face but just change the outfits. I'm sorry Genghis Khan but the preppy look doesn't suit you. And Pogue Moran . . . well, you won't be able to miss him in a crowd (especially when the crowd runs screaming from his face). And Evil Ric must think he's some kind of gunslinger with the long coat and cowboy hat.

And then there are my friends who haven't changed their avatars and I don't think they ever will. c5ride, Fbody and kaiakapero all seem to have the same avatar from day one and they don't seem to be changing it. I know what kai looks like, being my brother and all, so I wonder if c5 and Fbody really look like their avatars. Like I'm ever going to know.

If all things were equal between Xbox 360s and PS3 would the Avatar be enough to tip the scale in a purchasing decision. Absolutely not. At least for me. They're fun to play around with but I get bored of them quickly which is why I decided to change mine based on my current poll. This way I'm always reminder to put a new poll for you guys. And it's fun (for about 5 minutes) to try and get just the right avatar to match the poll.

But since an avatar isn't the real me I guess you'd like to see a real life picture of what I look like. The photo's a little dated, but what do you think?


metallicorphan said...

aww...you're a little cutie pie,LOL

not sure if you have got Ma nah mah na on your friends list,but her Avatar always makes me do a double take when i see her playing on the dashboard..yes she wears short shorts..but its the flesh coloured top that gets me looking twice...'WTF?...Oh,LOL'

in just about 3 weeks Penny you will be able to buy all kinds of crap for your avatar with the dash update,LOL

Pengwenn said...

Thanks orphie. I styled/cut my own hair . . . at least my bangs. Not bad for a 2 year old, don't ya think. Of course I don't think my mom was thinking that at the time.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Ok! I will switch the "wife beater" shirt out. The problem is I wear tank tops and that was the only one I could find.


Pengwenn said...

maybe if you just removed the beer-belly a little bit it wouldn't make you look so bad . . . unless that's an accurate reflection of you in real life. ;)