Monday, July 27, 2009

New Poll - What movie franchise has the best OVERALL movies?

Here's the new poll:

What movie franchise has the best OVERALL movies?

Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Star Trek

Vote and tell me why in the comments.


metallicorphan said...

tapped into a favourite discussion of mine

well i have put star wars,although Episode 2 is some dire shit..the rest are great(Phantom Menace is better now that when i first saw it)

i have all films on DVD,both versions of the first trilogy(IV,V,VI)

Lord of the rings are great,Fellowship is the only film i have seen at the cinema twice(not included original Jedi and special edition Jedi)...very much looking forward to the two films based on 'The Hobbit'

i have the LOTR trilogy 3 times on DVD-Theatrical 2 disc(6 discs altogether),Extended 4 disc(12 discs altogether) and Extended 2 discs(6 discs altogether)

so thats 24 discs of LOTR,i have

ROCKY films i love,saw 4,5 and 6at the cinema,but the first 3 are the best(well,number 3 is so-so..number 5 is crap)

got the boxset that doesn't include number 6(yet to buy number 6)

Alien Films...everyone loves Aliens,but i love Alien just as much,i feel those two films are like two sides of the same coin,one for suspense one for action,both great...number 3 i was disappointed with when i saw that at the cinema,i kinda like it now...number 4 is just popcorn filler,turn off brain enjoy kinda stuff
(got the 9 disc box set)

Star Trek are a funny set of films....1 is so-so,2 is a masterpiece,3 is good,4 is corny,less said about 5 the better,6 bit better than 5

7,8,9 10 are on my to watch list(i have all the DVDs)

i have heard the new Star Trek film is mega great,but i want to catch up with the rest of the trekkie films before seeing it,even if it is a prequel

great poll Penny...and thank you for not putting the Matrix films(even if i have the 10 disc box set of that also)..2 and 3 are terrible

Pengwenn said...

Well, I was trying to keep it to franchises that have at least 4 movies out. Yes, I know LotR only has 3 movies (so far) but those movies are 3 hours in lenght for each one that there is more "movies" there than in 3 Matrix movies, if you know what I mean.

I was considering the Muppet's movies franchise as well, but those movies aren't done with a consistant theme (or story line) like the others on my list

metallicorphan said...

Muppets rule!!!

hmm,other franchises i can think off

Harry Potter

erm..yup,that's it,i can't think of anymore

i will be interested to see the outcome of this Poll,how long do they run for,Penny?

Pengwenn said...

Harry Potter movies aren't done yet. We'll revisit which one was the best once they're all done.

I poll closes next wednesday, I think. I usually do them between 1-2 weeks in length. Not many people voted yet (including myself) so hopefully they will in time.

Chad said...

I'd say quality wise Lord of the Rings it stayed pretty consistent with quality and the story. We'll see what happens with the two new hobbit movies though