Monday, July 13, 2009

New Poll - Have you created an Avatar that looked like you?

Here's my next poll:

Have you created an Avatar that looked like you?

Yes, but only when we first got them
Yes, as close as I could get it anyway
Yes, it looked exactly like me
No, it is what I WANT to look like
No, it is my personal eye candy

My avatar might change daily with this one. So check me out and see which answer I might be referring to.


metallicorphan said...

'No, it is what I WANT to look like'

My Avatar is what i looked like about 5 years ago..i wish those glory days were back,LOL

other than that it looks like me,longer hair though(chopped my long hair now)..age has started to catch up on me(or was it lazyness?)

i do change it everynow and again to something mad,like the Joker,or Spock or John Lennon which my OrphanHK avatar looks like(Hong Kong account)

but i always go back to how it is now

nice poll Penny

Pengwenn said...

It might be a nice poll, but everyone's giving me grief over what my avatar is right now. They keep saying "that's just not right". Oh well. The poll will close within a couple of days and then it will be time for a new avatar.

metallicorphan said...

er..why what is your avatar right now?

i just see a avatar with black hair and shades,black pants and han solo body warmer

Pengwenn said...

He's a guy now. You know, something nice to look at when I boot up. :) It's amazing I even put in a game to play :)... *drools*

metallicorphan said...

oh...right sorry,i thought it was a butch girl,you know...and i didn't really wanna imply something

are you looking forward to the awards in games they are gonna be giving out for your avatar,kinda like achievements

i was saying on Pogo's site(or i said it somewhere anyway)

imagine Star Wars Battlefront get 100 online match wins,and you get an achievement and a stormtrooper outfit or a lightsabre prop

or Fallout 3 you escape the vault and get a vault 101 jumpsuit for your avatar...damn that would be cool

not sure about the Avatar marketplace though..if i have points left over and something mega cool is there,maybe ..but don't wanna make a habit of buying crap(too late)

Zenra Nukenin said...

Good news metallicorphan. It seems as if MicroSoft likes your idea. The fall update should provide that capability.
From the list updates:
"Props – You can now equip your avatar with animated items they can carry around and interact with.
Awardables – The ability to earn Avatar clothing and props as rewards within games has been added."

As for my own avatar... I quit dying my hair purple a few years ago. While I would still like to do it, I decided I should start acting my age :(

Pengwenn said...

Well, since games give you gamer pictures for doing things why not avatar stuff. I will buy Star Wars stuff but most of the rest I'll look at getting "in game" if at all possible.

And Zen, if you're going to start acting your age does that mean it's time for a mid-life crisis? ;) just teasing because I know how old you are and that would mean I'm about due for one myself . . . :(