Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've got a picket fence

I did it! I finally beat the last boss in the expansion pack to Puzzle Quest and got those last 20 pts I needed to get my gamer score to exactly 11,111. I'm so proud of myself. And relieved. It was hard work making sure I didn't play games that might give me some points that I didn't want and then trying to play games to get the points that I did want. I'm exhausted.

Kralon congratulated me on my "picket fence" and I kind of like that idea. They almost look that way don't they? I think metallicorphen asked how long I would leave my score that way. Long enough to blog about it. It's not something I plan on hanging onto for a long time.

I'm also not like some of the people on gaming forums that I frequent that are flipping out because they've picked up an achievement that does not end in a number divisible by 5. They think all achievements should end in either a 5 or a 0. Oh, please. I remember when I started getting achievements in Cloning Clyde and the numbers were all funky. I thought it was brilliant. Sure, anyone can make achievements in nice 5 pts increments. But that's boring and cookie cutter programing. I thought it took real genius for someone to f*#$ with the system and do those funky amounts. And those amounts were what made it possible for me to get my picket fence.

I remember when I first got my Xbox 360 and my gamerscore was in the hundreds. A lot of my friends had scores in the 1,000s. I wanted to break that barrier. I finally did. Then I had to break the 10,000 point barrier. Done that. Now I don't really care. Until this opportunity came along. Could I do it? How much self-control would I have to exercise. I hate exercising. The hardest part was getting that last 20 points. I knew I had achievements I was close to getting, or could get easily, or so I thought. It turned out that last one was a SOB. But I did it so I'm happy.

Now that I have a spot open on my Gamer Goals I've been thinking about what new goal I could add. I thought about a gamer score of 12,345. That might look cool. And it's not far away, only 1,234 points to get. But that would mean I have to "even out" my gamer score to end in a 5. I think picking up the next achievement in Cloning Clyde would do that but right now I'm hopelessly stuck in that game. Not to mention extremely frustrated with it. It's those stupid sheep clones that I can't seem to control that get me every time. Maybe I'll pick a goal unrelated to my gamerscore. I just don't know yet, but I'll take suggestions. Do ya got any?


metallicorphan said...

Cloning Clyde was the game that got my score uneven

congrats again Penny

Natra said...

Try SceneIt! Box Office Smash to get you going. Movie trivia fun and easy to rake up a several hundred points. WIth downloaded content it adds up to 1250 and a joy in the process.

Pengwenn said...

I've got Scene It: LCA and I know how easy it is to pick up points. I could go back to play that one but I can't remember where I packed the controllers.

metallicorphan said...

i have the second game and i HAD the first game...never used those dumb controllers,i just used my 360 pad(yes i played all on my lonesome)..i didn't even get the big controllers with the second game,thankfully

took a few hours to get about 700 points,funny

metallicorphan said...

okay Penny,you asked which one between Sacred 2 and red Faction

this is going to be a long post

sacred 2 is more a hardcore RPG,rather than the normal JRPGs we are used to or games like Mass Effect..its a totally different RPG
(more like a PC RPG,which it has been ported from)

i like Sacred 2,but i have yet to go back to it after 20 hrs play(i am guesing i have at least another 100hrs,LOL)

Sacred 2 is a very big game,its huge,lots of side quests to do,lots of areas to discover,you can get mounts(Tigers,Lizards weird metal wheels...or just horses)

it has a very large learning curve though,pretty much no tutorial and the camera angles may not be to your liking not totally birds eye view flat down,but a little off,like Marvel:Ultimate Alliance maybe

try and find some Youtube vids,so you can get a feel of the view

graphics are so-so,they do the job,constant mobs will piss you off..well they did with me until i levelled a little

hmm,actually this site may be useful to you as well

be sure to click on the map of Ancaria in the left hand side menu thing,then you will get a feel for how big the game is

it does have 4 player co-op

see this vid,it shows a lot of gameplay

Red Faction...have you played RF 1 and 2?...yes?'t matter,you don't need to

RF is kinda like GTA on mars,open sand box(red sand),lots of side quests to do..and lots of vehicles

the destructable buildings are pretty cool and they have mini games etc to see if you can smash the right up in a certain amount of time with certain weapons,there are also vehicle retrieve missions,which honestly, i hate..but these are side quests and you don't have to do them

Red Faction also has multiplayer mode,i have heard its good,but i have yet to try it

there is a demo for both single player and online on the marketplace(2 seperate demos),so you may wanna try them

if you have any questions or anything,give me a shout

don't forget to check out that map on that sacred 2 site,its massive

it certainly gonna need more time than Lost Odyssey

Pengwenn said...

Genghis said Sacred 2 is a game that you'd need to be able to sit a play for a couple of hours each time instead of just 10, 20 minutes here and there. He also said it was huge and because of that he said he might not be able to finish it (since new games keep coming out). He said because it's so huge the battle could get a little tedious.

As for Red Faction I've played the first one a little bit. I own the second one but haven't played it. I thought it was more linear than GTA. I hated GTA because there was no motivation to do anything. I sold it back (old PS2 game). I like a little direction in my games. I heard the multiplayer was fun but that people are just camping out more so than any other game because they can blow up a building to kill you instead of trying to hit you directly.

Until I looked at your scores Genghis was the only person I knew who had both games. The new Ghostbusters game was in the mix as well, but I'm having second thoughts about it.