Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bathroom Epiphanies

Why is it that my most brilliant moments of thought come while I'm in the bathroom? What is it about sitting on a porcelain bowl with your butt checks spread, listening to the sound of urine tinkle in the water below that lends itself to deep meaningful thought? (Taking a dump doesn't seem to generate brilliant moments of thought if you're worried about a back splash.)

And why does the act of wadding up toilet paper, wiping your ass, pulling up your pants and washing your hands make 99% of those brilliant thoughts vanish? What's with that whole process? It has to be done, but it's so counter-productive to the "eureka" moment you had while sitting on the toilet.

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, but it's my life and I want answers. If you know of any medical studies where this phenomenon has been studies I'd like to know . . . on second thought maybe not. I'd just thought I'd ask.


Zenra Nukenin said...

I won't comment on how disturbing this topic is (Oops. I guess I just did), but I understand. For me, it's taking a shower. But is it that the ideas are truely great, or something about the condition makes them seem great? Like when you're sleep-deprived and you think you've had an epiphany, only to realize after you've gotten some rest what a hair-brained scheme it really was.

What I want to know is, why don't good songs get stuck in my head? It's always some horrible little jingle or even the worst part of an otherwise good song.

pengwenn said...

So true Zenra, so true. For me if I can just sing through the end of a song I can get it out of my head. The problem is I don't always know all the words. So once I start singing and get stuck I'm doomed.