Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Free Money

I played a Tournament game of Texas Hold 'Em last night and won some free money . . . after I folded.

It was the first hand of the game and the person just before me went all in pre-flop. It was a free tournament so I don't mind that very much but with a 6 and a 3 off suit I wasn't about to call. So I folded.

I stuck around to see who would call the guy when the person two seats behind him call and they were the only ones playing the hand. At that point I switched over to watch some TV (picture in picture is such a wonderful thing). When I saw the river card come out I flipped back to the game to see who won. The guy next to me who went all in did pull off the win and the pot as $1,006. I started tapping the green button to get rid of that "winner" pop up as I moved to get up and get something to drink. All of a sudden I hear "Pengwenn got all his money."


When I turned back to the TV screen sure enough it said that I had won $1,006. The two players involved in the hand finished in 7th and 8th place. Everyone started talking and I thought I was going to get nailed for cheating. Some of the guys laughed and started talking about all the other glitches that have been happening lately in the game.

I decided that I was going to blow that extra $1,000 on the next couple of hands so I wouldn't feel as guilty or anyone accuses me for cheating. But the interesting thing was my chip total said I had $1,006 when it should have registered as $1,506. I blew the extra $500 dollars and people were joking that it wasn't really my money in the first place. I closely watched my Rep totals but nothing changed. I could have gone to town and won the tournament (I came in 4th) but I've got a conscience so I didn't. Maybe Texas Hold 'Em isn't the game for me after all.

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