Monday, January 28, 2008

Level One Prestige

Okay, I wanted to make level one Prestige before my friend Kralon finished his Prestige but that didn't quite happen. Being sick and hurt sucked.

I did finally roll over to Prestige last Thursday night (I think). And boy was that a shock. All my weapons were gone, all my challenges were gone, everything. I had to learn how to play the game all over again. I knew that would happen but it was still a shock. Weapons I haven't used in weeks and maybe in months I now had to figure out how long their reload was, how much recoil they had, what was their clip size and firing range. Things that I hadn't thought about in a while because I had been using weapons that I had finished and liked.

As much as I hated using Last Stand during my first run through the levels I found I really liked it this time. It was an extra chance to kill someone and get some points. I also found I was much better at it this time around. I think I had one map where I got more kills through Last Stand then I did with my primary weapons while I was still alive. And seeing the "+20" flash on the screen for a Last Stand kill instead of the usual "+10" was great. I think I might actually be looking forward to unlocking martyrdom as well.

I don't know if I'm going to go through ALL levels of Prestige. Considering how long it took me to get to the first level I think it'll take 2 years to complete them all. Another reason why I might not do them all is that there are more games to play and more will be coming out soon. Hopefully I can level up quicker this time. I might just pick whatever icon for a Prestige level I like the most and go through until I get that one. Level 2 or 4 look pretty good to me.

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