Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Poll - How many Xbox Live Arcade games do you own?

Okay, so there's a new poll up. "How many Xbox Live Arcade games do you own?" We're talking full versions here. No demos. They don't count. Why? Because you can't earn achievement points playing the demos. Yes, I'm being picky about this, but it's my blog so I've got the right to. Maybe I'll poll the number of demos later.

Anyway, I haven't voted yet. I'm not sure I will until the very end. When I blog about the results you'll know why. Feel free to vote yourself. And if you want to leave a comment on your favorite Arcade game go ahead. You have until Valentine's Day to vote.

(That will give me something to look forward to on that day.)

(Yes, I sound a little bitter.)

(I should probably eat more of those cutesy little candy hearts with those stupid little messages.)

("I LUV U" my ass.)

(Okay, maybe bitter isn't a strong enough word.)

Just vote, will ya?


Zenra Nukenin said...

It's funny. About half an hour after I voted, I found out that Rez had been released and I promptly downloaded it (you got my message, right?). Still didn't put me over 15 though. WITH my demos, I've only got 14 or 15.

pengwenn said...

I got your message Zen. I've never heard of Rez. What's it's like? I might check out the trail.