Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back in the game

I got my profile back.

Can everyone say Hallelujah!

After discussing the matter with my brother he pointed out that no company likes to take the blame when something goes wrong. And Microsoft is no different. He said it wasn't my internet connection that was timing out but the Xbox Live servers. With all the people playing games on Sunday resources needed to be diverted to those people. And for the rest of us that are doing "minor" things like recovering our gamer profiles there wasn't enough resources to keep the servers processing our requests.

During the fiasco after more than a half hour the process would stop half way and error out. When I tried the same thing again at 10pm it took 15 minutes and it was all done. That's all. I can game again.

So I'm thinking. If Xbox Live can't handle the volume of users over a regular weekend, what are they going to do once school is out for the summer? Or even closer yet, spring break. We all know what happened over the Christmas holidays, and the MLK holiday, oh and don't forget President's day weekend. More people are off work or out of school so they play more video games (naturally). The servers can't handle the load and lagging becomes an issue. Not to mention losing internet connect, getting dropped and all other kinds of wacky connection issues.

For a company that is built around computers you would think they would have the resources and/or capacity to handle and/or plan for these surges in use. So why don't they? And what are they doing to ease the load before the final bell rings in shcool? I hope they do something otherwise it's going to be a very slow, laggy summer. By then I might have to dust off my single player games or decide to invest in a PS3 now that Blu-Ray has won the HD war.

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