Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Poll - Is it wrong to play Avatar: Burning Earth for quick achievement points?

So my brother and I are locked into a gamer score battle. With no end in sight. You see we're both competitive people and neither one of use can stand that the other one might have a higher gamer score than the other. His score currently stands at 5,010 and I'm at 4,967. Now if I could just stop playing Call of Duty 4 online I'm sure I could make up the difference.

We have a lot of the same friends in common and now they're starting to get in on the competition. They help us out when we're stuck trying to get an achievement. They've offered to "distract" the other one into playing something (that won't get them achievements) so one of us can work on achievements in peace. I've even had one of my friends offer to play a game for me to earn the points while I could play something else. And then there's the suggestion, from just about everyone, to play Avatar: The Burning Earth.

The game only has five achievements and if you watch the YouTube video you'll see that it only takes about 10 minutes to get all those achievements. Instant 1,000 points. As appealing and tempting as this is there's a downside to having those 1,000 points in your gamer score. It doesn't matter what game forum you go to but everyone looks down on those that have played the game for the points. You're scum. You're slim. You're an achievement whore.

That may be, but it’s 1,000 points! That would mean I would be 5,967 and my brother would still be 5,010. I'd be ahead of him by a large margin. Of course there's nothing to stop him from renting the game and getting those 1,000 points himself. Which would mean he be ahead of me again.

So I guess it comes down to whether I want to beat my brother's gamer score (yes) and look like scum on game forums (like I care what they think anyway) or play and EARN achievements for games that I actually like (yes, yes, and oh . . . yes). Vote in the poll and tell me what you think.


metallicorphan said...

hiya Pen,nice blog..hope you dont mind me popping in

okay,your question...i dont think its wrong really
a)you are broadening your gaming experience

b)if it wasnt for these achievements,these developers wouldnt have you visiting their game

c)everyones happy,except your brother

see if you can rent out King Kong or get it cheap(it should be in the under a dollar bucket by now),that took me two nights to get the 1000 points,and all you have to do is play through the game

again,nice site i will try to pop in more often

pengwenn said...

Orphie you can pop in here any time you like.

With King Kong at least you have to play the game in order to get the points. With Avator you don't. Not really anyway.