Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breathing new life into tired game play

My friends and I found a way to breathe new life into some tired game play. Step 1: Put in Call of Duty 4. Step 2: Get a lot of friends together in a party (we had 15 people). Step 3: Set up a private Free-For-All match on "Old school". Step 4: Set the map to Shipment. Step 5: Kill everyone and laugh your head off.

I guess step 5 should read "try to kill everyone" when you have the map set to Shipment. On that map you'll be lucky if you can take 3 steps without being killed, especially with 14 other people all gunning for you.

I have some friends that can get . . . well, extremely rowdy, vocal and lewd. Playing "old school" with just your friends to kill had a different effect on them. They didn't talk as much smack and they spent most of their time laughing instead of cussing people out in the most (porno)graphically way possible. And as an added benefit (for the rest of us at least) we could kill them over and over and over again. That part I especially liked.

It was a riot and I had fun. Unfortunately in a private party you don't acquire points to rank up. And anything you do that would qualify for a challenge doesn't count. Oh well. But just listening to them complain as they have to start off with the Scorpion (a gun they all hate, but I love) is worth it. It almost feels like an even playing field.

I think the general consensus is that we should all play "old school" more often. I don't know if we'll ever have that many people online all playing the same game again, but I wouldn't be surprised if a smaller group didn't jump into a match every now and then. Especially after we all ended the "old school" fun and went back to regular online play. After 2 maps of lagers, glitchers, spawn killers, campers and idiots anything that can breathe new life into what's becoming very frustrating game play is worth a second look.

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