Sunday, February 24, 2008

Your profile is everything

So a friend of mine was thinking about deleting all his Call of Duty 4 stuff and starting over now that he knows what to do. This way he thinks he'll rank up faster and finish challenges quicker. As much as that sounds like a good idea we had to remind him that when you log in to Xbox Live to play a multiplayer map it downloads your profile/game settings. You can delete all you want but Xbox Live still knows what you've done. So your profile is everything.

And right now I've got nothing.

I was having problems playing some arcade games that I previously downloaded on my original console but haven't played yet. Before I made the connection in my head about the licensing agreements tied to the console you downloaded the games on I had a brilliant idea. Or, at the time I thought it was a brilliant idea. I decided to delete my profile and recover it thinking that might help.

Boy was I wrong. Why? Because I kept getting an error message about half way through the recovery. And after spending 2 hours on the phone with Xbox Support the only thing they can figure out (besides the licensing agreement problems which I had already figured out) is that my internet connection is timing out and that's why it can't complete the process. Great.

What's their solution? Take my system to someone else's place (preferably with a different internet provider) and try recovering it there. Until I can make arrangements to do that I'm screwed. I don't have access to any of my arcade games and I'm not sure if I can play a disk game. And even if I did, anything I do that would count towards earning an achievement wouldn't count since I'm not logged into my profile.

Like I said, I'm screwed. Hopefully I can take care of things tomorrow since I already have the day off work. I was hoping to spend the whole day gaming and not recovering my profile. As it stands now I can't really do anything. So remember kids, your profile is everything. Oh, and don't do what I did. 'Cause if you do then you'll be like me. And I've got nothing.


Anonymous said...

future reference: move your profile to a MU first.

then sign into LIVE and try a recovery. you will then have your profile on your mu and on your console.

profiles are just like any other data, they can get corrupt.

sorry to hear you are having all these issues, hopefully you can get it sorted out.

pengwenn said...

Yeah, I have a tendency to act on the stupid ideas I get first THEN I get the brilliant ones like saving my profile to a memory card. I have 2 cards. But that brilliant idea didn't come until after I had deleted my profile. Live and learn I guess.