Friday, February 29, 2008

Top 10 signs you play Lego Star Wars too much

Okay, I'm bummed. At work a lot of the big name "gaming" sites are blocked. Now they've blocked some of the other smaller sites and forums that I liked to hang out in on my breaks. So how do I get my gaming fix in while at work? I make up stupid lists like this:


#10 You see the glowing lights from a neon sign and try to use the Force to move it.

#9 You refuse to take the stairs. Instead you try to use your grappling gun.

#8 When you go to the zoo you jump into the elephant's compound so you can ride a bantha.

#7 You find yourself throwing things at shiny metal objects hoping they stick . . . and blow it up.

#6 When you're sick you start attacking someone in the hopes that they'll drop a red heart so you can pick it up and feel better.

#5 Instead of just looking under the couch cushions for loose change you destroy the thing because you'll get more studs out of it . . . preferably blue ones.

#4 You go to the local bar and start a brawl just for the fun of it.

#3 You try to change yourself into an astromech droid so you can push the elevator button.

#2 You think if your car doesn't work you can just smash it up, put it back together again and it will work perfectly.

#1 If someone makes you mad you howl like a Wookie and try to rip their arms off.

Okay, how bad was that? Let me know, or maybe not. What other games do you want a "Top 10" list for?

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