Monday, June 9, 2008

In the heat of the moment

I don't know of any game that doesn't get intense. Even Uno. But maybe that's just the way I play games or the friends I play with. And sometimes when things get a little intense, people can get a little heated. In actions and words. And usually I don't mind.

I think any game where you don't respawn after death automatically makes the game play more intense. If you've only got one life to play you want to make sure you play it well. And when you get killed (with a spectacular shot or a lucky one) there's bound to be some words spoken in the heat of battle. Yep, I'm talking cuss words. Now, I'm not a prude as I've been known to say a few cuss words myself in the heat of battle, so I don't usually mind the expletive explosions that usually come at one's own death. It's free speech right?

What I don't like is the swear words that get bantered around usually at the start of a match or when you're playing with strangers and they start using them in anger or hatred. The words don't have to be hate words either. Call of Duty 4 is a game that seems to get a lot of jerks playing and chest-thumping their own skills or the lack thereof in their opponents. Those matches just turn me off. I ran into quite a lot of that over this past weekend. I think the "double EXP points" weekend brought all the loonies out of the woodwork. When those words start to fly the game's no longer fun for me any more, especially when I become the target for no other reason then people think my name is funny for a guy (and then they find out I'm a girl which only fuels their fire).

But not all swear words are said in anger or hatred. Some are used towards a comedic effect . . . at least with my friends. Gears of War is a game we all like to play except for all the glitches in the game (sticking to walls, host advantage, etc). So the frustration levels can get very high. And when someone dies . . . well there might be a few words spoken that sound just the same as the angry words spoken in a Call of Duty 4 match but the laughter that usually accompanies them lets everyone know it's all in good fun. And it is.

I certainly don't take it any other way. And if you've ever seen me play you know that I've got more to be frustrated about than others, since I'm usually the first kill or one with the lowest score. After I die, I get to watch others play and then hear the burst of laughter as someone just got their head blow off by a well placed sniper shot. Or my personal favorite, the desperation Boomshoot where you take yourself out to make sure you get who you're aiming at as well.

There is another problem I have with swearing in games and playing with my regular group of friends. The problem is they're good guys. Gentleman all around. And when they play with a girl they think they should moderate their language. And if they forget to they end up apologizing for everything they say. There are certain swear words I just don't like to hear and if I heard one I'll let them know, otherwise they're free to say whatever they'd like. I don't expect to control them or dictate what they can and can not say. When one of my friends got a little carried away in a Call of Duty 4 match I just left. I'm free to do that too. And since I know these guys are gentlemen I know they don't mean anything by it, but then again the laughter usually gives them away.

I use to think that swearing was for the unintelligent that just couldn't figure out anything else to say. But sometimes swearing happens because that's the only thing that's going to express the emotions in the heat of the moment. Do I have to mute everyone who does so I don't hear any of it? No. Besides, sometimes those heat of the moments comments make for a F-ing good laugh, at least when you play with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Although I seem to have you really fooled about the gentleman thing!!! HA!!!!

Seriously, well said.


pengwenn said...

Well, c5 I don't know you that well yet. Things could change. "Max" likes to act tough on the outside, but he's just a big softie a twinkie. I think that's what I'll call him from now on. Let's see if it catches on.