Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poll Results - Favorite Gears of War weapon?

Okay here are the results from the latest poll:

What is your favorite Gears of War weapon?

Longshot = 3
Shotgun = 1
Boomshot = 1
Chainsaw, Torque Bow and Frag grenades = 0

My vote was for the Shotgun. I hate its limited range but it's the only weapon I feel comfortable with when I get into a gun battle. I am getting more comfortable with the Lancer and using the chainsaw but the shotgun is still my go-to gun.

My second choice would have been the Boomshot. I don't like the fact that it only has 2 shells to start with but it's always pleasurable when you drop one of those at someone's feet and they don't stand a chance.

I would really love to be good at the Longshot. It's so much safer to stay far away from your enemy than it is to run up to them with a shotgun. Unfortunately I'm not that good with it at all and someone else is usually going to pick it up before me. I don't mind that too much because they're bound to better at it than I am. Every now and then I'll pick it up if someone drops it or it respawns and I'm in the neighborhood. My teammates have even let me pick it up at the beginning of a round if I ask. But I usually die because someone creeps up on me, taps me on the shoulder and blows my head off before I can do anything with it.

I did play a match with c5ride who gave me tips and pointers about using the Longshot. I have to admit his advice has helped me get more comfortable using it, although I'm still not very good. At least now, when I pick it up, I don't feel like an idiot trying to figure out which end of the gun I fire from.

I have another friend, Hell Weasell, who plays like he was born with the Torque Bow in his hands. If you're playing with him, and he's on the other team, and you see the icon pop up that the Torques Bow has been picked up, you better stay behind cover the rest of the match. Even then you're vulnerable. I'm envious of his skill. I think all of my Torque Bow kills have been all luck. I know with more practice (a LOT more practice) I could get better but I'll never be as good as him with the Torque Bow (or c5ride with the Longshot).

Then there's Evil Ric and the Boomshot; El Sand Dog and the Frag grenades; dain bramage and the chainsaw or MadMax 723 with anything (except the Boomshot). They're all just better than me with those weapons. I get kills every now and then but it usually with the shotgun. I'd love to play more ranked matches but I always seem to be over matched when I face someone in a gun fight.

Gears of War is starting to become my "next generation Star Wars Battlefront". A game where everybody else seems to be better than me (I still don't know how to fly vehicles in Battlefront) but at times I can hold my own so I'm not embarrassed. I still love playing both games and I know I'll probably be playing both games through the next generations of consoles. I just want to be the best at something in them.

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