Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poll Results - What plasmid do you want?

Okay the poll has closed for the poll "What BioShock plasmid do you want?". And I finished the game but I still have achievements to get.

Here are the results:

Telekinesis 4
Electrobolt 0
Incinerator 0
Swarm of Bees 0
Winter Blast 0

I didn't vote in my own poll. Yes, I know that sounds bad but I just couldn't make up my mind which one I would want. I'm a girl so having a plasmid to fit my mood would be nice. If I was feeling like an ice queen I could use Winter Blast. If I was feeling everyone was being annoying I'd use Swarm of Bees. Or Incinerator if I got hot under the collar. And for those happy electrifying moments of my personality I'd have Electrobolt. The Telekinesis I would use to mess with people's minds. "You car keys? Why there over there. Oops. Now they're over there." You know, that kind of thing.

When I got the end of BioShock I was surprised at how easy the final confrontation was. Yes, I was playing on Easy but after some of the Big Daddy encounters I had this was a piece of cake. I did go back and replay the ending on Hard and boy was that tough. I think I'll keep that save and try to finish just the final battle on hard and see if I get the achievement for finishing the game on hard.

I'm a little surprised at how many achievements I had left to earn when I finished the game. I missed fully researching the Bouncer because I wasn't really researching things as much as I should have been doing at the beginning of the game. Because of that I didn't get the Research PhD achievement. I also know I missed getting to Sander Choen's apartment. I just got too wrapped up in the story to pay attention at that minor side trip. I don't know if I have a save file back far enough to do that so I might have to start the game all over again. I did miss picking up 5 journals. I've already gone back for one but another one that my menu's say I'm missing isn't where the book says it is and now I can't find it. But the achievements that I'm most surprised about is the 5 fully upgraded weapons and Weapons Specialist one. I've used every weapons upgrade station but I still don't have that achievement. And since you can only use the stations once I don't see how I can go back and get this achievement. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.

BioShock is a GREAT game. I think it's a game that everyone should play whether you like shooters or RPG or not. It's story telling is amazing, the visuals are fantastic (except for when I first got in the suit and any lines I saw got wavy as I turned my head making me nauseous--if you've played the game you'll know) and the game play is outstanding because it's customizable. I've heard a lot of advice at how to play the game by other people but there's so much freedom that I ended up playing the game my way and loved every minute of it.

If you haven't played it DO IT! If you have played it TRY IT AGAIN. I'm curious as to what the other ending is like (I saved the Little Sisters). If you're playing it now KEEP PLAYING. It's a great game and worth every award and minute you'll spend playing it.


Anonymous said...

Two things-

I tried to go back and beat the final boss but I did not get the ach. and Bioshock is a great game. Im looking forward to the next one in 2010.


pengwenn said...

2010? Let's hope it doesn't take that long to come out. I don't want them to rush an inferior game but that's a long time to wait.